How about war alliance

I’m from Indonesia, may I ask a question about matching war opponents? Why does our Alliance get against teams from Russia too often? Our team’s power is always smaller than the opponent’s, can’t it be fairer in determining the war opponent?it’s too hard for my Alliance to win. Thanks for the explanation…

There may be several reasons:

  1. There are many Russian players, we also face a lot Russian opponents, we are a German alliance.
  2. If you always face stronger opponents you win too much of those wars, obviously.
  3. War match making has some bugs lately, matches have been reported with >25k difference in war score
  4. It’s not the complete alliance score, only the war score is used for match making.
  5. Match making is object to be revised in order to respect each single players war history.

When another player left the Alliance,their points still noted in my Alliance?
That’s too many player come and go in my Alliance cause they thinking it’s too hard to get win in Alliance war

To be honest, if players would join my alliance and leave immediately after they see a match making against a stronger opponent.
Let those wimps go!

Even if match making is still buggy, after losing some wars in a row you should get weaker opponents and vice versa. Wars are some of the few things why I still play this game and lead my alliance.


just the case with this war coming up!!! a diference of 22k we only have 44k against 66k i know we not going to be even close to win this one specialy being only 7 and 4 of those are very low ! but we still attacking and hope our difence holds! but i agree matc making its being crazy crazy crazy ! good luck everyone!

Jestem przywódcą z sojuszu z Polski. I też mamy ten problem. Wiecznie mamy ruskie zespoły. 4/5 to zespół rosyjski i zawsze z Nimi przegrywamy nawet jak mają niższe drużyny niż my

I am an alliance leader from Poland. And we also have this problem. We always have Russian teams. 4/5 is a Russian team and we always lose against them, even if they have lower teams than us

@Isabella1 translated this for you by google

My alliance also experiences this. In a month, we only face around 2 non-russian alliances. Everytime we are matched to russians, they always win. Despite the losing streak, we keep showing up in AW because we want to complete PoV.

so which is it? always? or only 80%?

We face Russian teams occasionally but nothing too often

In terms of war matchups though our War Score is 96k, but our poor opponent only has 66k. It looks like it will be a one sided bloodbath. That being said, we haven’t had a big mismatch for a while - this one however looks very lopsided

Congrats my friend,in my small Alliance the power team higher is only 4,2k then only about 6 player have power high 4k,against 4,5k opponents average power 4k.that’s not fair

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That’s right my friend,and my Alliance need more more time to open war chest

Log out and log in again, the wars score will be updated to reflect that members leaving. A player like me is worth around 2350 war score points. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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