How About Some New Hero Classes?

  • Necromancers (mana up)
  • Undead (LP boost)
  • Archangels (heal minion)
  • Nightelves (2nd slash)

…to be continued.

I’d like to have some more classes, maybe even individually assignable to heroes of your choice.

What do you think about it?


are we spreading emblems thinner? Or do we get added emblem quests and stuff?

Additional emblems and quests.

AlchLab should offer the ability to exchange emblems 1:1.

I’d like to see a better summon. The Heroe summon is a bit unreliable. Why don’t I ever get any high powered Heroes? Ninety-and-Nine Heroes are the only Toooo low to Really make coverage for my team. Why aren’t there nore high power Heroes? Having OT a lot of monies to make big purchases is a big in-game handicap. I can’t afford the Epic, but I or other really valuable Heroes. Please do something to more level the game so we that don’t have a really large budget can still get the great Heroes, because they allow me to fight the Titans, and other games on my TOSHIBA AMAZON Fire Home Edition TV show that I can play this weekend and I only get 2 mines for a few minutes and then and panels are going to be a local channel for me to see if they are great monsters. I’m getting to the point that I need to get some much, much stronger Heroes. Every so often please give us that aren’t millionaires some really great Heroes to cuntinue the fight.

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I am definitely down for more classes and for moving several of the heroes in the wizard class out of it.

Classes and races (species?) should be separate categories though: nightelves, undead, angels- these are not traditionally classes.

Necromancer is a definite must have class and there are several heroes that would fit in it very well including Proteus, Balt, Thoth, etc.

  • I usually think of diablo 2 when I think of necromancers, some sort of curse (either reduce heal or dot damage) or summoning a gollum could be cool

Shaman is another class that a lot of heroes could fit including Hawkmoon, Kashrek, Guin, etc.

  • I think instead of simply nerfing Kash and Guin with a useless skill, makes more sense to give them something.
  • I think a small % to cure status ailment for the caster and nearby allies everytime the caster takes dot damage could be cool.

Engineer or some sort of technical class for heroes like costumed quintos, jf, future creations would be cool
-maybe a % chance for an attack bonus (similar to how paladin works) every time the hero attacks

The drawback would be spreading emblems thin but by removing heroes from the wizard and monk classes and placing them into new classes, I think it is actually a net benefit for players.

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the secondary classes would not be new.
it is already used for the heroes of atlantide ^ _ ^.
It would increase the complexity of the game.
the risk may be increasing the complexity too much.

I had caught a game long ago (they closed it) in which every hero in the team was strengthened with his own undercut (which did not appear)

a measure must be put between too simple and too complex.

agreed on balance of complexity. e&p has a lot of room for growth in complexity for end-game users though. it’s still pretty simply compared to other mobile rpgs at present.

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