How about repaying Ascension to increase special skill on a maxed hero?

I have spent the past couple of weeks leveling up a 3* team with backups for the next monthly event. To my great disappointment, it looks like I might get Brienne totally leveled up, but her special is going to be 5 or maybe 6 due to crap luck. With her especially, full power on that skill is pretty important. So now I don’t know if I should feed her 1* heroes when she’s maxed in hopes of fixing that, or if I should try to score another and start over.

Here’s my suggestion for the developers - let us repay the last ascension fee (on a maxed hero only) in order to increase the special skill level. I would be happy to do this for a guaranteed boost as opposed to pissing away heroes in hope of an increase. This only really happens with 3* heroes, so no rare item shortage would be a problem.


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