How about making mats in offer changable?

I am looking at the current offer thinking if those darts were a tonic, i would buy it… and how many of us are always looking for 1 item to ascend.?

So how about doing offers, like nornal, but saying we can choose x amount of 4* mats and x amount of 3* mats etc (depending on the offer size)… so still gems and other items. . But we can then choose the mats.
How many more people would buy them?

Especially the smaller offers with mats included.
loads of people would take them imho.

So more money for game and people happier.

That would honestly make those offers so much more appealing.
Even though I’m not sure whether I agree with the idea or not, but… but… that would be so nice.

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Exactly… how many people are on the ledge about purchasing offers… i think this would push many over… including myself.

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