How about helping out fellow alliance players by allowing purchase of gems or other items be donated within an alliance

In some Aliances there is a camaraderie friendship between people who know each other. It would be nice if there were means to purchase gems or other items for fellow alliance members. Not everyone can afford to purchase but this would allow an alliance to give VIP…etc. to fellow members.

There are plenty of suggestions about this very thing already.

Not trading, or donating.
Direct purchase by one person be credited to someone else. Things that are not special offers but that are available to all players at that time.

I like this “Share The Love” offer a lot, but I think I appreciate it more that it’s such a rare occurrence. Too often I think would dilute the sincerity.

In another game I play you can send flowers to other players. They do nothing but sit on their profile for 3 days and then disappear, but you have to buy them with gems. :roll_eyes:

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Like this?

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Yes. That is what I was thinking. I know some people that played for two years and would still play if they could afford it and others who budget for it.
But many more can only afford a single small purchase or none at all.

Thank you

As co-leader of my alliance, I will have contests every couple month or so and winner gets like $20 in Google play or Amazon. Most of the Whales on our squad just let’s the f2p players enter. Just a thought.

There is a purchase that comes up every once in a while that Gives you 300 gems and everyone in the alliance get 30 gems. It would be nice to see more or different offers similar to that one. When this offer comes up almost everyone in my alliance gets it.

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Yes. Now if we could do that… as well as direct the donation to a particular alliance member who really needs encouragement. I think everyone would benefit from that.

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