How about Diagonal board movements?

With all the high level players quitting the game , Maybe you can keep some of these big spenders if the boards were a little more giving. Diagonal movement would help boards and make people feel they were accomplishing more even if they were not. I am hearing a lot of people saying most match 3 games you can do that. But, not on this one. The board programming shouldn’t change still have boards with hardly any color tile you need. You would just have a better chance at matching the colors up that you don’t get. May help keep some big spenders. Just a thought.

I don’t think giving the board the capability to go diagonal will keep the older players.

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Probably not. But worth a shot. Loosing Censure/Prophet was a big loss. A lot of other big players. It has to be hitting them in the bank account with all these big spenders quitting. Was just a thought to try and make it better

Players come and go. The new will replace the old. Someone will step down but others will step up. That’s the nature of games.

Ive seen other games that can do several tile matches that are not what we have in the game. May be a good idea to have this game come up with new tile matching formations, but not really interested on that. It would make the game a ton bit easier, losing the challenge it currently poses, eliminating the puzzle aspect of the game. Luck may be a factor, but I barely rely on that. I’d rather solve the puzzle aspect of the boards to help me fill raid chest 3x a day at least. Mono-user here.


SGs re-skin Puzzle Combat allows various different matches and the Sand Empire special tiles do diagonal matches. So they are well aware of the different options.

Yeah, a bit of variety can be fun; I expect we’ll see new tile gimmicks along the way but very much doubt SG will change the main game formula.


The Summer event does have some slightly different matching effects. (Not diagonal moves, though.)

EDIT: @JonahTheBard beat me to it.


Please don’t. There are many games out there which allow for diagonal movement. Just play one of those. Don’t get me wrong I like it in general but it would completely change the game.


All the top players are quitting??? Awesome! Space at the top at last!


So now I’ve recovered from the huge exaggeration I don’t mind a special event doing something different (like they do already) but not for all the time. The puzzle element is fine enough.


That’s why - maybe - the older players are starting to play another “similar” games…

this could be some event mechanic. i wouldn’t want diagonal board movement in my raids and quests.

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Voted as it seems fun, but i will keep this idea only for specifics events.

Maybe even make a new one just for this.

I rather have my doubts that board unforgiveness was one of the reasons for a high level player leaving. Power creep, horrible summons odds, feature overload, general fatigue, gacha, … sure.

I personally think diagonal moves would make raids too easy.


Problem with diagonal movement is that it would completely change the game as we know it. In many probably very unexpected (and potentially undesirable) ways.

May seem like a minor alteration, but it would literally turn everything in the game upside down, and they’d have to spend at least the next several months making additional balance changes as a result.