How about a one time only reset for each Season

How about a reset option one time only for season 2 ,3,4 etc? After finishing every season on hard.
The reason for this ofc is gwtting coins for summoning.

It would be nice for no spenders to get a second chance for portal summons.

I stopped spending a while ago for serveral reasons including sg mistakes and because i simply cant afford it anymore. Live is to expensive now and sg does not go down with the prices…

For example i finished season 4 on normal and hard and got only 2 5* Heros. And both are bad.

It would be a good sign from sg if they would it make possible.

Only one time. Spenders can still spend as much like they want to be better and free players have at least a little chance to compare…i dont have a chance with my heros against the new heros released every month…

What do you guys think ?

For example, short after release i did face an enemy wirh already every season 5 hero maxed and breakted. He was only lvl 40+

Thats ok. Dont know how much he spend to get all this…
I dont want to be on the same leveles as high spenders, but a chance to be a little bit even with better heros for no spenders.

Give us a chance… Im lvl 84 and my Hero rooster isnt that great and my luck left me long ago from portal pulls.

I think asking for free stuff is going to fall on deaf ears.