How about a Hero Of The Year (HOTY)

SG should make a special hero of the month(hotm), named Hero of the Year(hoty) once a year… Since the titans also are getting harder we should have also stronger heroes… Something like this…

Death as a character/hero seems awesome but the idea you describe is not. That hero would be extremely overpowered and would disturb the game with it’s 5 ascension/tiers.

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It is not only the fact that hero is overpowered, how long can you get him in summons? A year then? HOTM is active one month so this should be the consequence.

Maybe the summon last only 24 hours… In the last day of the year… Or maybe the hole year running in background With less chance of coming out… About the tiers, for the 5 tier should be harder to get, even for pros, something like 3 or 4 times the material needed for getting 4 tier… or maybe new materials just for 5 tier, harder to get… To be leveled in the long run… and it is suppose to be overpowered, that why is hero of the year… much harder to get and harder to level up… But it’s just ideas…

I am all for new heroes and abilities, however I do not like the idea of 6* heroes. In regards to dealing with bigger titans, I would rather see equipment (buffs attributes and/or adds additional abilities to equipped hero) for heroes or something of that nature.


For a hero that increadibly overpowered you’d have to give it a minimum of a month for players to get, otherwise those lucky few (and i mean very few comparitavely) will have an enourmous advantage over everyone else. Also players who come in the ENTIRE rest of the year have no chance or hope of getting that hero and will forever be at a huge disadvantage.

What about the f2p? They’d have almost no chance of getting him, and with him being the only 6* hero and only being available once a year, only the very wealthy or the new who don’t know about him would spend gems the rest of the year. I know I’d stockpile—both gems and materials.

Making it more impossible to level the hero is also not a great idea. The powerful few already have a big advantage over those still trying to get strong; they likely have a ton of materials saved up and would be able to instantly level or get the materials for this guy. That would create a gap between us that’s so huge it’d be impossibe to catch up. At least with the current heroes of the month the older, much desired ones can still be defeated and we can make do with other 5* heroes.

I get where you’re coming from; a big end/beginning of the year celebreation could be tons of fun, but this isn’t quite the way to go in my opinion.


…and let me please add that all paying members will spend hundred of bugs to get this one. Even today they usually got several HOTM as they summon quite more often that any other players. Just check out the videos how they get HOTM and max him nearly instantly! So Yoohoo is absolutely right here. AM are no prob for the rich players.
No fairness i think.

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And an achilles heal for those of us who aren’t rich and are impatient…

I’m a pay to play soon to become a cheap to play. Players who pay for things keep this game going; we should get an advantage, but free to play still need to be able to compete to keep the game varied in the friendship and relationships.

Edit: if it makes you feel better ascension mats are still hard for me to get—they’re expensive to purchase and difficult to get in game. Plus because I am p2p I have a butload of heroes i need them for.

A nice suggestion but as stated way overpowered and impossible to lvl if needed new mats to do so.
Some of us save mats specifically to try for a specific hero. But this would need new quests and mats implemented so an awful lot of hard work and heartache

You seem to assume that it is easier for p2p players to ascend a hero quickly. This is so not the case most of the players that can do this are end game players who have all the mats needed to instantly ascend any new hero. This only comes through hard work and long time playing.
I was lucky enough to get Gregorian a week ago and I had been hoarding hero’s in a tc11 for quite a while as I had no real use for them it took me 5 days without any hardship to max Greg.
It is just a case of swapping resources around a little so you have the ham etc. I also had 50days stored in tc20 lots of ham available. But I have been playing for over a year and think I have a handle on how to do things

Just for your comparison.
I also play more than a year and I am on level 43.
I have just one! fully ascended 5* hero and you just need 5 days for Greg?
It took weeks to get Richard to max if you don’t have gems to spend that speed up your TC or buy trainer heroes.
Maby now you understand why I think paying players can ascend heroes quickly…

I tend to disagree. I have started planing for a green hero a month and a half ago. At that point i have started working on Nature heroes from TC. For that time I have pulled over 600 heroes from tc7 and another 500 from tc19. I was able to level up two heroes to 3/70

The only way I could see this kind of hero appear in the game would be in some kind of April Fools joke. Like an arena that’s totally separated from the game and each player gets some ridiculous heroes like Death mentioned above or someone dealing 232323 damage per turn or a hero with unlimited health etc. The idea behind the April Fools Arena would be to just have fun and fight really ridiculous battles.


The players that level new heroes really quickly usually prepare beforehand - have a lot of 1*/2* of that color sitting in training camps and TC20 used as food storage.


Who in their right mind would spend that kind of money to speed up training camps or buy trainer heroes? The only thing most p2p spend gems on are hero pulls, troop pulls (and this is rare from what i gather), speeding up chests, and buying the odd ascension item SG puts for sale. And most of us can’t afford many of those purchasable ascension items and still rely heavily in the game being nice to us.

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Great bit of artwork @Santinho, but have to agree with most of the others, it would totally break the game!

Hopefully season 2 will have some good bosses like this instead of the paper thin ‘dark lord’

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That’s exactly how it’s done as I tried to explain.
And since I lvld Greg I have started the process all o er again in the hope of getting a few elusive hero’s out of TC20 itself.
Personally I stack them in TC11 running constantly and never touched (hiding it in bottom right corner so I don’t see it that often) and fill TC20 up as soon as I have the resources