How about a 5* red sniper?

We need a second 5* red sniper. Currently the only one is Marjana. None in the Challenge Events, none in the Seasonal Events, none in Atlantis, and none in the past HotMs. The only single target attacker is Natalya, and her damage is DoT.

All the other colors have multiple sniper options. Red is over balanced on the side of AoE and DoT heroes.

Hmmm. so what is Gravemaker then?
even with multiple hits, his speed makes him pretty much a sniper I think.

Not really, a sniper should be able to kill with one strike or at least close to it. Gravemaker’s main effect (DoT) can be negated by using Grazul or Rigard for instance.

However, I don’t think the lack of pure snipers in Red is a problem as there are so many other great hitters even if not pure snipers like GM

Now, the lack of yellow healers?! Come on! So happy I finally got Delilah this past Atlantis.

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For what it’s worth there is a 5* red sniper being released in Season 3:


Should all colors be balanced in terms of heroes types? (i.e. have snipers, mana blockers, healers, def debuffers, buffers, dot, aoe, etc…)

I think not, and having different hero types for each color forces us somehow to adapt our playstyle and strategy. Otherwise you would end up with a template team with know skills, whatever the color.

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I know about Tyr. I don’t count heroes that aren’t released yet.

After weeks of back to back to back to back to back telluria tanks in raids wondering why there is not a great - element def , - def or even sniper in red.
I dont usually like to reroll in raids and this is what I have been facing in 2700+ trophies. Its boring honestly and I don’t see it changing any time soon . Make a red kage or something, GM was released over a year and a half ago time to release some that can compete with the other colors.

Yes, make red version of evelyn or frida. As long as it 1. damages target and nearby, even minor, 2. elemental defense down on target and nearby, 3. dispels target and nearby and 4. fast, good enough for me.