Hou Muses - Essay from a Feeder


“Don’t believe for a minute that there are no consequences to your actions. If you build a village and foster a community based solely around cannibalism, there are bound to be collateral effects that would never have been considered otherwise. You could never trust another person’s motivation ever again. I mean, sure, you always hear that someone is only interested “in one thing,” but that could never be said again. If your dinner table is full and you are feeling lonely, could it be that you are eating the leftovers of the person who rejected you for another?”

“In a society where the divide between rich and poor is so great, and the richest and strongest have to eat that many more to survive, at what point does the demand outpace the supply? Furthermore, what is the point, if people are feeding on each other merely to get strong enough to kill others? That must be one lucrative and sustainable cloning lab. Who runs it? Is it automated? In what meta does it exist, a fourth dimension that exists solely to artificially generate life for the purposes of death? Deep thoughts, man. It’s no wonder uncle Wu Kong is so scatterbrained. Hey, I’ve seen ‘the matrix’ and he was supposed to be ‘the one’ but… uhh… it’s kinda different. Almost like Neo was replaced by Tyrian Lannister and exiled from the matrix, only to try (and fail on occasion) to change it from the outside.”

“Also, I’m just wonderin this… where all the single ladies at? As long as I’ve been at this, I have never once met a monkeylady. C’mon. Diversity would be nice. I know I’m sexy in my own way, pretty confident I’d do alright, but let’s just say that Guinevere is hanging out at Sir Lancelot’s flat for a reason. Grazul is a nice change of pace, but I figure Frida and Ranvir have a lonely road ahead. Rumor has it that there is a squirrel coming, but wait… why no monkeylady? Think about it, Wu Kong had been one of the single-most important characters in the game for so long… where is his harem, his accolade and fortune? Look, I don’t care if she’s evil, I will pretty much date anything, so long as it is vaguely monkey-like. Hikaru, on the other hand, exists as my girlfriend only on the back of my eyelids every night. At least there’s more of her in the fridge. Speaking of hands…”


You have Hou-manized our poor feeders. It’s actually caused a Jill to go up my spine for how callous we have been. Aife been wondering what the others might be thinking. Their lives must be tragic and the conditions Derrick. Such a sad affair is this.


I’ve always felt weird about our green heroes (looking at you Caedmon), who like to prey upon village youths and young maidens…


I mean, you’d kind of expect it from Gormek.

But then let’s say you get Guin next week and she’s all…



You express your thoughts well, it’s really well written. While reading, I do not arbitrarily think about some more global things, about the rules of survival in our society, about people’s lives and the separation of reality and online. I study philosophy in college and we are discussing such topics, I even wrote writing on the topic of changes in society over 20 years and the relevance of certain professions, such as nursing. Okay, to be honest, I used nursing paper writing services https://papersowl.com/nursing-paper-writing-service, but this does not change the fact itself… This is another new feature of our generation, which many use. But globally, It seems that despite the fact that life should have become easier and better, but people have become more cruel and society can easily cross you out.

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I agree with you, we often forget about global things, get hung up on trifles, and think very narrowly somewhere.

What about your essay, it’s a great job, I don’t know how to express my thoughts so clearly, and I wouldn’t have such a result.
But I want to improve my writing skills and I’m working on it. Now, after reading several books and doing practical exercises, my writing skills have improved significantly and I’ll continue to work on this.

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Ohh, random global / survival talk.

I’m just gonna drop this interesting little tidbit of information in here.

While many of us oftentimes believe that we are currently living in “the best times in human history” - I mean, we have the best technology! Longest life expectancies! Cures for diseases! Low infant mortality rates! Clean running water! Electricity! Internet! Indoor plumbing! Cars, trains, and aeroplanes! Etc. I’m sure our cavepeople ancestors would be extremely jealous.

But here’s a little interesting side note on that.

The average American worker works 44 hours a week to be able to pay all of their bills and such.

The average Paleolithic human only worked 12 hours a week to be able to meet their basic sustenance needs.


Just one of those kind of crazy things to ponder in your spare time. :wink:


are you kidding? they used to live to 900 years old back in the day! lol.



That’s more of a theological vs. scientific debate there, and I won’t go there… I just found it interesting that modern humans apparently work more hours than our ancestors did. I saw a chart once that broke it down over a few thousand years… as time goes on and stuff advances, people have actually had to work more hours than before… when you’d think that the invention of better technologies would have had the opposite effect. What’s going to happen to the world once we have near full automation in most industries? Are we all going to be working 120 hours a week trying to keep the robots from going nuts?


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