HOTWeek instead of HOTM

It’s boring to get the same HOTM over and over again. At the frequency new heroes are coming out why not release bonus heroes weekly instead of monthly? Vote for hero of the week!!

Because if i don’t want to pull for #1 may hero during a portal i already have all the heroes i want…

Anyone else like this idea

how about HOTDay, so people who gotta catch them all will summon daily?


How about instead of Hotm, just have RNG generated characters so your (almost) guaranteed not to get a dupe?

Because there aren’t new events daily but there are worthy new events weekly. Instead of the same HOTM 8 times don’t you want 3 or 4 different ones?

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Lol so many reasons why this wouldn’t work

Aw, please no. I’m already missing out on so many heroes and fun toys too play with. The HotM is enough :blush:

That being said, I am sure it would make spenders spend even more, so the idea might just be implemented. :melting_face:



If they are ready to drop the ascension mats along with the heroes then yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not just the matter of having the heroes but getting the mats takes ages. I have 28 5* @ 4.80 and about 19 @ 3.70. Not that I would ascend everyone but still.

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Wait, I think that is already implemented.

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more work, same money? nah
sg looks for “less work same money” or “same work more money” ideas

I made the same proposal a while back but it wasn’t taken seriously.
I saw the light the other day:

I want HOTS. Hero of the second