HOTMS - june to september

I am wondering, what is the idea behind new HOTMS?

Did they start to make them on purpose weaker and more optional to prevent new ‘‘Tellurias’’?

I feel every new HOTM in current form is completely niche pick and they cant be put on defenses (Raffaele only).

Most of them are suited only for attacking and under specific circumstances. And even some of them are almost or arguably worse than their 4* counterparts (Zocc - Hansel)?

I guess people wont be pulling all that much in next 4 months?

I feel if a HOTMs direction is to become niche picks, they must excell in those roles (like Raffaele . strongest healer). In their current form, they just look like giant toddlers - beefed stats, underdeveloped skills…

No hero in next 4 months seems to me worth of spending. Maybe Raffaele, but Im not going hard for him either.

Your opinions?


Lots of discussion in my alliance about this too. Personally, I’m ok with a slow to the power creep for a little bit, but I believe it’s partially to drive more pulls towards Taverns.

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The July-September HOTMs don’t seem like ‘must-haves’ at the moment, but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised with the end results when they come out. It seems like the initial beta releases for past HOTMs have been overpowering and were adjusted downward, but still produced issues like the Telli-Vela dynamic. So it may not be a bad thing for Small Giant to take a different/opposite approach by building a hero’s abilities up.

Yes they all are weak. Noor is at least interesting with the passive minion gain, but also way to special to be useful.
On the upsite I can save my EHTs for October seasonal (very likely with new heroes).

Agree with you. I don’t care if at the end I didn’t get any HotM from june to September. But sometimes life put jokes in front of your face… So i might get one unintentionally…

I remember when getting HotM is my only purpose in life… when they introduced Frida, Seshat, Kingston, vela, Telluria, and Malosi… all without success… Well at least now I can sleep well until september, knowing that i’ll lost nothing without any new HotM. I already lost anyway…

Such negativity in here, you’re all entitled to your opinions ofc, but for me I see nothing wrong with the upcoming heroes, they’re new heroes after all, which is always an exciting thing to see. I’m looking forward to them. :slight_smile:

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SG brought this on themselves by releasing a series of seriously strong heroes that devastated the meta.

Now if anything is not an immediate OP or at least A+ it gets hate (yes, hate, I’d be fine with just ‘meh I don’t need that’ but it’s more ‘this game is terrible the developers are idiots everything is trash’ etc). Instead of appreciating a month where they don’t need to be stressed out about getting yet another must have HotM, if they consider one not needed.

There are people who started this game not so long ago, Raffaele may be their first 5 star healer, Noor may be their first 5 star minion controller, Zocc may be their first 5* mana controller and damage dealer other than Lianna, Bai an alternative to Malosi if they missed him or just don’t want to ascend Leo for damage dealer in yellow etc.

Game has a significant flaw being you only get to play 5 heroes at once. These are different sets of heroes for different purposes, but eventually you will have all those places covered by strong/strongest options available. New hero may be great, but if they are at least slightly worse than the top-notch option you already have, they don’t make it to the squad which labels them as ‘trash’ apparently. Having to choose either rich and balanced gameplay or constant powercreep where your top-notch hero becomes useless after a year, I will gladly take the first option.


I have no interest in any of the upcoming heroes, and I’m quite ok with it.

-less money to spend.
-more time to focus on the heroes I already have.


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