HOTM - Wider pulling chance (troop)


Firstly Happy new year!

Great HOTM for Jan - however…
My problem a long with a few others is I have all the heroes I need 90% of what I pull, even 5* are duplicates.

I am lucky enough to be putting any money into troop lvls.

Is there any way the HOTM could be added to troop pulls too?

If I end up spending 10000 gems and don’t pull the HOTM I won’t be able to use any heroes I pulled either…

App Store reviews getting worse

Can’t like this post enough


Don’t you use the duplicates to level your other heroes? I do, and I am always happy to draw duplicates, breakfast for the ones, I want to keep :sunglasses:


I thought you could relate, hopefully it gets noticed.


I am nearing the end for most, I am quite happy to feed what the recruits produce.

If I was still trying to pull the good heroes I wouldn’t mind but I don’t need anymore. Don’t want to waste money on buying feeder heroes


I agree about adding a HotM chance for Epic Troops. Even if they scale down the odds to match the lower cost.

Personally I’m saving all my gems until the Knights of the Round event. Some very interesting heroes there. Perfect pull would be King Arther + Natalya!


That’s what I’m going to have to do… the stats out for the new challenge heroes?


for the new HotM, see: Hero of the month: Natalya question

for the beta event heroes, see: All updated hero rosters


Wow Arthur looks fantastic!


Hey is really good. Gunnie is a ginormous pain in the behind as a tank