HOTM...Who's man, who's woman? Bad design?


This is another clear case of #rct830



Chochin looks like one of the Wazzzuuuuup guys from the old beer commercials.


For anyone who says it’s not important to know the gender, I like to know; as I play my tiles very different depending on whether I’m attacking a man or a woman.

If I don’t know, then how am I supposed to know what tiles to play??

So, yeah, it’s important.


I’m with @Cvs “Where are my side balls at?” deserves, not only its own thread, but a full throttle lobby campaign to SG. #WAMSBA


There’s always Little John… right? :woozy_face:


No but I’m definitely going to start…

Then he’d be a rooster!

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Maybe so we know they should start including large cod pieces as part of costumes so we can presume they are male… :tennis::tennis:

But @Kayo, there are 35 tiles in a rectangular pattern while each individual tile is square. There are 5 hero’s, and 35 /5 = 7. So I’d say that pretty much settles it then?


Please venture back into the realms of Forum Rules. I hate having to vanish posts because of off-color references.



Heores I have who are maybe female? Maybe?..Hisan, Guardian Falcon, Danzaburo, Namahage, Sumitomo, Muggy, Gato, GobblerGill-ra. Thoughts? p.s. I had Grazul a week b4 realizing she’s a she, I get it OP

Sumitomo, a girl? What is that based on?

  • Excessive shoulder pads
  • Too much makeup



and the incredibly dainty (or creepily tiny) wrists!

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I thought women samurai used the Naginata, not the Katana or the Wakisashi (as is clearly shown in the pic)…I’ve been lied to! :grin:

It’s the flower, THE FLOWER!!


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#Dead :rofl::joy: This topic is by far the most ridiculous one yet. Can’t believe I actually read this all the way down. #AintNoWomenIfNoCcup

I just hope this thread doesn’t have the design go the direction of more ambiguous creatures. I for one prefer the human look over the creature look. Less Gato. Less Muggy. Less Gaderius and Frida. More Elena. More Vivica. More Richard. More Kingston. A mix is fine, but I do prefer the human look better.

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That’s what makes them fun. :grin:

Thank you everyone for making me snort soda through my nose. This thread is fantastic!

My $0.02- I love an androgynous character! gives us something to talk about. My alliance has several Miki is female believers, and I originaly looked at Kingston’s face and thought “female” with only the lack of fantasy art boobies to convince me otherwise. I’m still jealous of his style regardless and desperately need this look in my wardrobe.

PS. still waiting on my pixie haircut heroine so I don’t have to buy wigs for cosplay