HOTM...Who's man, who's woman? Bad design?

I don’t understand anymore…

July seshat woman
August miki man?
September Grazul woman?
Oktober Kingston the symbol? (Edit… it appears prince wasn’t called the sexsymbol but the symbol…)

Can someone explain who is what? According to people here it’s Male female male etc.
Having all woman at least cup C I can distinguish between male and female. If Grazul is female she would be the first AA.

Like to hear from experts…

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I mean I’m more concerned that you can’t distinguish a gender except by one single marker (cup size). There’s more to gender than that.


I feel sorry for the guy that has a “crying game” moment with Grazul…

I wonder if immunity to status ailments includes STI’s


I love Kingston’s design. It’s a card with stats. Either you like the stats, or you don’t.

Are you talking about breast size? On a card?

Why is that important?


@zephyr1 @Rook @Kerridoc this should at least be watched, if not closed.


Probably closed. This can’t go anywhere good.


To be fair lets not get the pitch forks out just because someone said “I can’t tell the difference between pictures of men and women.” I can’t tell the difference between the sexes of many animals so why should it be different for orcs?

Unless someone breaks forum rules let them have their say.

I personally would not be against having androgynous or defined non binary characters as it really has no bearing on my enjoyment of the game and would also show some forward thinking by sg but I feel that may ostracise those that are only interested in pictures like Athena and Zeline…


The OP brought cup size into it. I don’t know.

I mean, if I started a thread asking why all my shirtless,
6’6 Chris Hemsworth clones with massive banana hammock bulges aren’t making an appearance, I would hope someone would call me out for being kind of… Well, egocentric? Why can’t I tell how big Grimm’s package is? Why is it so hidden? Where are my side-balls at?

Sorry. I agree with you, to an extent. But the people who like Zeline and the other women, well, they have Zeline and the other women already.


I’m not specifically agreeing with the op but imo he didn’t break any rules. The threads on which card is the most attractive had more offensive posts than this. Also some autistic people don’t understand facial expression cues - perhaps op doesn’t understand any gender cues other than cup size, if this is the case he put it in a more tasteful way than it could have been…


This could be the case, you are correct.
Let’s find out.

Having been a 15 year old boy once in my life I can remember when I was not as “enlightened” about such things. Not saying my opinion is the only valid one but some boys grow up some just get bigger and hairier.


Lol! I hear you. I think that’s true of all genders. For reference, and way TMI, I happen to be a, umm, smaller woman. No one, in 30 years has mistaken me for a man. I’ve been called a man because of it, by people who knew me, but not mistaken for one.

Maybe I just took personal offense to it for that reason.

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My wife would likely echo your sentiment!

One thing I really like about this forum is that within its rules it has open debate on all subjects (even the topic of weather SG are evil and secretly diverting funds from helpless addicts toward north Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs). You should never be scared of arguing your perspective unless you believe it to be wrong


I believe Miki is male, Grazul is female, Cyprian is male (not sure about other future ones)…

But ultimately it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re good for your team, right? I don’t discriminate based on gender, all I care about is, “are you any good?”


Right on. Thanks. And I could always be wrong. I’m open to listening to OP. But was bracing myself for what I imagined would be incoming.

I feel like this game is about heroes who do cool stuff…and Atomos. So, I don’t care about gender. Or side-balls. That’s just me. I’m not offended by looking at Zeline. I think the heels are a bit impractical, but whatever. She’s nice to look at. I think most of them are. The art and the stats are the coolest things, to me, anyway. Maybe it’s side boob for the next guy, that’s fine. So long as when that side boob doesn’t appear, they don’t start crying SJW SNOWFLAKE… you’ve heard it, I’m sure. That’s what I was assuming this would devolve into.


Also back on topic I always thought skittleskull was male (and is also a smaller cup size) until I read on the forum that in her card description when you click the magnifying glass top left says “bog witch”.

Skit was my first green 4* and I still use her some wars and tourneys - i really like her card art.

I actually think Grazul is a much easier card to pick the gender of on first impression


Whoops! Oh man. I’m a hypocrite. I did, too!

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I don’t care what happens with this thread. This is my new favorite forum quote of all time. Maybe my favorite quote of all time.

Carry on.


I’m honored. Thank you.

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No thank you. I just laughed so hard reading that I had to try and explain to my wife why a forum post about the sexual identity of orcs, cup size of fictional mobile game heroes, and a demon’s “side ball” had me laughing during her favorite show.