HOTM: Thoth-Amun -> Do we like?

I am not quite sure that I understand what Thoth-Amun does.

I deals 215% damage to the target AND the nearby enemies (max 3 enemies get 215% dmg) ?

Summons and undead minion (Whats that?) with 20% health and 15% attack inheretid from the caster (what does that mean?).

He seems like a very good FAST hero. Could anyone explain some more?

When you use his special, in addition to the damage, a little skull minion is formed. It acts as both a shield (absorbing dmg meant for Thoth until its dead) and has it’s own attack. Each time you fire the special, you get 1 skull minion. You can have up to 3. If you have 3 and fire another special, a new minion will replace the oldest minion.

The minion’s health with be 20% of whatever your Thoth health is at the moment. Same for the attack, it will be 15% of your current attack power.

So with a Max Thoth above, the minion attack will be 0.15731 = 109.65 and health will be 0.21361 = 272.2


hi there
yes ist right 215% dmg to target and the direkt nearby enemies. so max to 3 enemies.

the effect with the summoning minion is very interesting because i guess surly its not a dead hero what he can make alive like Alberich.
seems like its an extra minion which can fight for you or is placed in front of you like a shield. sorry only ideas of me :wink:
i am also very interrested to see this char in action and surly i try to get him myself but not for all money. a few trys i will make to get him :wink:
so lets hope for more answers here :wink:

Further on this, the minions attack every turn under AI control. Healing does not affect them. Not sure yet whether status buffs/debuffs have any effect.

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Just curious: Did you get Thoth from the Epic or Elemental pull?

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I got him after two epic summons (2600gemsx2).

Thank you guys for explaining.

But how good is he?

Where to use him?

Raids? Map (farming)? Quest? Defence team?


As with all new heroes: Test him/her. Then use where s/he serves you best. :wink:

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unless you’re part of the beta, “Test them” requires a huge amount of food, heroes to train with, and time to get them to a level where you can test their effectiveness. It also can’t be undone. I think that’s why he’s asking for advice before he commits to it.

His animation is too slow and the minion attacks too useless for the time they take to attack in a titan battle, so I wouldn’t use him there, but he’s good for raiding and map/quest. So if you’re prioritizing titans and don’t have a purple hitter, prioritize someone like Tibs or Sartana, but otherwise he’s a good hero. I’d like to get him when I do my pulls this month, most likely during the event if they’re good.


I really like the design of the hero, but I do see how the minion attacks may slow things down during times where time matters. Seeing how animations in raids got accelerated recently I wouldn’t be surprised if the same was done for the minions.

After you use Thoth’s ability you can instantly make your move, remember. But after that there is a moment of immobility as he finished the spell so that the minions get to act, yes.

The spell animation itself is too cool to cut it though! :triumph: Only minions need to be whipped into shape a little.


Thoth is clearly useful in farming, being able to toss a little damage to any edge of the board. But no one invests in developing a hero for farming.

I don’t think Thoth is great against titans even if the animation speed is fixed. The low (but broad) special damage isn’t tailored for single-opponent battles.

I look forward to developing him for raiding and challenges. A fast-mana, multi-hit hero is unusual, and the constant barrage from the minions matters in these settings. Many a raid ends with one hero chipping away at another.


any videos of his special anywhere?

If the incoming attack is greater than the minion’s hp, does the remaining damage go to hero or is it lost?

yes it appears to splash over at least in my testing in the beta.


Would be nice if someone would put up a video of Thoth Amun in action … I don’t have or else I would

I am having fun farming and raiding but won’t use him against titans. His animation is a bit much. I have even had issues with freezing and lagging once the animation starts. I don’t have that issue with lianna or joon. I don’t consider him to be a power house but he could be a pain in the behind to others. Oh and his special seems to be leveling up quickly - lvl 6 after first ascension. I will keep trying for a better 5* purple.


I was able to get him after spending 2600x2 on the legendary purple specific draws

He is pretty squishy at first but once leveled I think will be a top contender! His minions attack every turn you send of your colors (gems) at people and if you target a yellow its doing double damage on them… I love it plus he is a fast so in leveling through the maps he does crazy damage…

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Well my two cents on him… as he currently is I do NOT like him. He simply takes up too much time with his special skill animation display and the time the minions are firing, doing far lesser damage than I could be doing otherwise.

He is good in the aspect that he is fast and relatively strong in all aspects. If you are doing mapwork or a raid where time doesn’t matter, he isn’t as detrimental.

I also see the issue with him dying and his minions still remaining alive still persists. With the minimal damage they do, being unable to effectively use them because after the first one, you can no longer target with them, and the extra time involved, I feel your score will be lower in any timed event you enter.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Good for raids and… raids.

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Sad part is, his minions aren’t actually benefitting directly from his damage it seems. I ran him alongside Wukong and the minion hits weren’t buffed, so I assume it’s the same with buffers like Boldtusk. A little counter-intuitive as I believe all other skills in game scale with buffs.

Currently, I don’t care though. The cast animation is too shiny. I just press the skill to have it fire, everything else is an afterthought :star_struck:


If you use it in raid, do minions shots trigger mana generation for defending heroes?