HotM Summons

If i make a 10x pull i have the same chance to get HotM than making ten times separated?


Yes, same chance. The difference between the two is that with individual pulls, if you get the HotM on your first or second, you can stop and save your gems for something else


Ive had the best luck with Hero tokens but i used 20 today and didnt get anything. Ill have to start 10x pulls now

Same here… got gravemaker with one token last month… now I used already 19 tokens and more than 10000 gems and Gregorion doesn’t even seem to look at me :cry: don’t wanna spend much more… maybe I’ll stay without this one…

How is it the same chances?

X10 pull you have the potential to get 1

Individuals you have the potential to get 10

Because you get one chance for the HotM for every roll, i.e. 1 chance for each hero you pull in a 10× draw, making 10 chances. There have been occasional screenshots of multiple HotM duplicates from the same 10× pull.


Customer service. Help Kilo

I’m not superstitious but I’m not summoning for HoTM anymore on the first day that you can do so.

As a C2P player, I have very limited attempts at summons, so my chances of getting a HoTM are pretty low. So far I have two HotMs, Thoth and Gravemaker. Both I got while doing my ~4 single pulls during a monthly challenge event. Both on third pull. I think I’ll continue trying to summon during event only, somehow the chances seem to be better, not sure why.

Me neither. 50 tokens plus 10 pull = No Greg for me.


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I did, 6th free hero coin I’ve been holding got me an ulmer and gregorian.


Congrats!:+1: Here’s to hoping my 6th token I’ve been saving out gets me Greg as well.

HEY! That’s -MY- bad luck you’ve been using there, give it back! :wink:

Sorry to read that. That’s a lot of grabs. Hope you got something else useful out of it?

This is actually not correct. I’ve gotten three HoTM on one 10x summons. One chance is triggered for each summons, which would mean that technically you could get as many as 10 HoTM with a 10x summons.


Don’t we have an event just over the corner with Panther, Jackal and all? Why pull now and not on the event?

Just curious :slight_smile:


Maybe he wants the heros of summer event.

I used my hoarded stash of tokens to try for Gregorion and the summer heroes, getting Greg and four of the six sand people. I’m saving my gems and budget for a crack at the Guardians event.

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Yeah, I’m saving 6 tokens for that occasion. It’s a total longshot crapshoot, but it’s an opportune time for that.

Tokens can’t get you challenge event heroes (so the guardians for example are a no go with tokens)

LOL goes to show how often I use tokens. I’m solidly relying on my TC20’s. Ah okay then. Thanks for the heads up.

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