HotM Specific Missions

With the new raiding missions giving previously unavailable avatars, I think it would be cool to have specific missions for each HotM to get their avatar. Once you pulled a HotM, their mission would show up in your log.

Mission Ideas:
Athena - Reduce enemies defense by 10,000% total
Hel - Prevent 1,000 tiles worth of mana gain
Ares - Get 1,000 crits from his buff
Musashi - Heal himself for 100,000 HP
Alberich - Revive 100 heroes is raids
Thoth - spawn 500 minions
Perseus - prevent 10,000 points of healing
Natalya - burn opponents for 50,000 damage
Zeline - Remove 500 buffs from enemies
Delilah - spawn 2,000 minions


Great Idea! That would add some extra to the game!

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What about the other way around? You have to do quests in order to get the heroes? That could be the way to bring them back.
Of course it would have to be something that you could accomplish with normal heroes, for example the Athena’s and Zeline’s are good ones.
Or it could be kind of a ladder, you would first get Athena by doing something with normal heroes, then by completing Athena’s quest you would get Hel and so on.

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I wouldn’t want everyone to be able to get ALL the old HotMs for free, but I could imaging them letting players get 1 or 2 via missions as per your idea.

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As much as I would love some of the HOTM from the past I only got Nat… I think it removes heroes exclusivity by bringing them back.

Just keep making new ones that have similar abilities and people can then have a shot at those.

It has been confirmed that old HOTMs are coming back in some way.

I hope they do something by making worth the investment to get them - like TC20 taking 6 months to get (or there about). Up the TC levels to 25 or something and then give them a low % chance to be had. I mean think how long that would take - probably another 6 months! The slog to TC20 was painful, but so worth it.

Good idea, @Wharflord. It would give people a spur to use some of the less stellar HotM. I know my Perseus is still sitting quietly on the bench.

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