HOTM September


** sorry i erase picture **
September it s a purple heroes


Screenshots from Beta are currently not supposed to be posted. I don’t know if they’ll come down hard on what’s obviously a HotM rather than a Season 2 character, but it might be better to redact that picture for safety’s sake.


Ok @Paulon
I erase it


My understanding is that it’s OK to type out the card stats if you want to, but as you noted, it’s all beta and subject to change.

From the leaked card I’d describe the new hero as a combination of a mid-range attacker with a nearby allies only affecting Brienne. The elemental link theme for this cycle seems to be some limited same color only healing rather than the stat boosts of the last set of 5.

I’m not the expert evaluator that some are, but this one looks to me, based on the current card as I am not in Beta, to be a nice to have hero but not a major must-have gamechanger like Albie or Zeline.
On her own at least. With a Spirit Link type power involved, if this one’s special works like Brienne’s one, the combat boosts could ramp up fast, and the next beta HotM card has a special along those lines.


And so you all know, this beta has changed/been changing a LOT - every few days it feels like they are tweaking based on feedback (so yes, they listen). There’s plenty of info posted on the forum about this beta instance that is already changed or obsolete.


I look forward to seeing the final version.


I know it’s still on Beta and will probably be changed, but could one of the beta players post the stats and special of the September hotm? Not a screenshot since it’s not allowed anymore, but some data would be nice. Thanks


Just search for the game on youtube there are videos from season 2 there


Hi, for HOTH September check this link out
and scroll down


Thank you! Seems to be a good one…