HOTM September

I know I am very impatient, sorry for that in advance.

But due to some of my plannings of getting G. Panther and ascending her asap next week, I just have to know:
Is the dark HOTM September already in Beta?
Can someone already give first information what kind of hero it is going to be?


There is no information about hom of september.

I’m sure someone will post the September HotM as soon as beta goes live again.

Any news on this yet? Wonder if it’s still woth trying to get panther this weekend or wait for the new september HoTM.

What would a new hero have to have that you would throw G Panther under the bus along with Gregorian?

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You should try to get panther regardless.




It’s out there… yellow kinda stupid Bruce Lee wanna be

I thought that’s for August

Also… why is panther so good? She seems ok, but why do people like her so much compared to someone like Sartana?

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Sorry I misunderstood it is. Word is September may be a release of old hotm


Because it can remove buffs… very anti guin or ares

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Rather than throw a cartoon under the bus, how about you let us all in on where that “word” came from.

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Guardian Panther has a purple defense down debuff that stacks with a normal defense down debuff. That can greatly increase titan scores. Plus she can debuff, which is rare among 5* heroes.


No hotm in beta for September

Wow, if they actually started doing that I would buy stock in their company…

… I’m sure their revenues would sky-rocket on HOTM re-release months.

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Age has addled me to the point I had to read that several different times to understand. Thx

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But I don’t think old are going to replace new releases? I think it has been stated that new hotm do keep coming regardless of how/when the old became available.

Word from who, exactly? Beta isn’t even open at the moment.

Will there not be one regarding to season 2? Any news yet?

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