HotM Request/Idea

Hi everyone.
Since we have a lot of “Can not be dispelled” abilitys nowadays I would like to have something which can dispell those buffs regardless.
I think of a hero with the ability “Rejuvenation”.
He/She is fast and can heal a selected target to full health (100% or maybe 90% on max. level) and also removes all status segments (debuffs and buffs). It can be used on your hero but also on an opponent. Image an Aeron with full health which you can dispell entirely.

I just miss a little versatility in the game. You have specials you can fire in a specific order or on specific heros but that’s about it with versatile.

In one of the ‘create your own hero’ threads I brought up an idea to counter the non-dispellable specials. I think a hero needs to be introduced that can convert debuffs on allies into buffs and the buffs on enemies into debuffs.

I prefer this idea solely because having someone who can remove non-dispellable effects ruins the fun in even having those characters. An effect inverter could swing the direction a game is going regardless of who they’re facing. And just adding a buffed up piercing strike and/or purification would only lower the value of heroes with those skills.

Yeah I got the point in your thoughts. I hestiated to post this in general discussion because I wanted to hear what you guys think about more options in the game.
I mean a great board will almost always win a match but I like the synergy behind Gunnar and Brienne. This kind of stuff.
@Rook Can you maybe change to generell discussion and eventually the discription? :blush:

Edit: @Rook can be closed and/or deleted. Found a topic that fits my “idea” in generel discussion. Thanks :nerd_face:

Would you like to post that other thread first so others can follow your conversation? :wink:

Yeah ofc. :slight_smile:
I found it to be a reasonable comment for the conversation of Season 2 in here.

Ooo, I like the idea. I can easily see it being coded as a “Reborn” feature. They are killed losing all buffs and debuffs and are reborn back at full health/zero Mana.

Sorry, i’m not much into it.
First because we have seen quite some healers recently, but most of all because a skill that is “undispelleble” shouldn’t be never dispelleble again for me.
It’s a nonsense, it’s not “undispelleble” then right from the beginning

The one target healer (even fast) is a good idea that they can take in consideration after first making some good hitters :grin:

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