HOTM question

Do the HOTM just rotate? What I mean is, is the HOTM for March always going to be Delilah or is it different every year?

Nobody knows. SGG have stated the old heros of the month might come back. How and when is not stated unfortunately.

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They said it would not repeat year after year. The September 2017 HOTM will be different from the HOTM in September 2018.

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Given that the game hasn’t even been out for a year, I don’t think anyone but the game designers can honestly answer this question. On one hand, releasing a new 5* every month would swamp the normal heroes, exhaust design space, and exacerbate power creep. On the other hand, people spend lots of money to get good HOTMs, so they have incentive to constantly pump out new heroes.

The game opened to iOS in March 2017. I believe it opened to Android in September the previous year, but I wasn’t around for that.

HOTM began with the release of Hel. There are ten HOTM thus far, ending with Delilah.

Question: If you wanted SG to add new heroes to the game, would you want new 1-3*, or new 4-5*?

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I think that SG should eventually equalize the number of 1-4*’s as the did for 5*’s with the release of Domitia, Obakan, and Khagan. However, I don’t think they should create any limited time offer 3*’s so that no one is dissadvanteged in the beginner tier of challenge events simply because they didn’t spend money. I’m indifferent to exclusive 4*’s since there are already very powerful event heroes which are meta defining at their level.

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I was thinking general Heroes, not HOTM. :wink:

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Ah, then as per the first half of my post: definitely yes.

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I think they need to bring in some more 4* blue

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Grimm, Sonya, Boril, Kiril.

If they add more 4*, I want a new power type! :grin:


We still have reflect red and reflect green challenge events to go. Devs seem to be adding two 4* and three 5* heroes with each event.

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Heh! I look forward to all new additions! rubs hands together :blush:

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FBut you’re talking about event heroes. The question is whether there should be some additional heroes, available at TC13 or TC20.

It’d be nice to see an even number of basic heroes of each element at every level. At 4* there’s an extra hero for both fire and nature compared to the other three. Cold comes off looking even worse because it also has no 4* event heroes yet.

I would say 4’s & 5’s. It’s what everybody strives for and gets excited about.

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I thought we were discussing HotM and how twelve 5* per year would eventual result in a “top heavy” roster.

It seems a top heavy roster is inevitable, 1* heroes have attack special skills, 2* add multiple targets or secondary effects, 3* increase the power of the secondary effects, 4* adds tertiary effects, while 5* takes 1* to 4* abilities and uber powers them or adds permanent effects like minions. So the special skills are an inverted pyramid.

No one is asking the Devs to add more 1* Heroes to the recruit training.

Personally I want more 3* and 4* Healers, but with the current game mechanics rewarding 4* and 5* heroes, while also generating the most money for the Devs from 4* and 5* heroes, the Challenge events appear to be a good indicator of where the priority is for adding heroes.

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I’d rather have new 4s and 5s. It doesn’t matter to me about the 3s, 2s, or 1s. They are food for my 4s and 5s.

More 3* with interesting and unique synergies, like Brienne and a hero with Spirit Link would be welcome, but by and large I think more options at 4 and 5* are a higher priority.

Can someone list the Hotm’s from Hel (is she the first one?) to Aeron? I wasn’t playing yet when Hel was Hotm.

On the top of my head. (Order probably wrong)

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