[HoTM Prediction Thread] July 2020

Name: Mirana
Class: Rogue
Primary Role: Damage dealer
Resist: Burn
Mana Speed: Fast
Elemental Link: 10% Dodge for 3 turns

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Name: Mackenzie
Class: Warrior
Primary Role: Support
Innate Resistance: Attack reduction
Mana Speed: Average
Special: Follow the Leader
- Give the Hero and nearby allies “Powerful Stance” for 1
- When in Powerful Stance the Hero have 100% critical
chance for special attacks only and all the attacks don’t
care about any defense buffs (defense up, counter)
At the end of the Powerful Stance, the hero got 30% of the
total damage dealt
Elemental Link: All Fire Heroes have a 10% chance to resurrect with 5% health for 3 turns, this would stack with other ressurect chance percentage

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Fire Hero

  • Name: Round-Up, Scourge of the Forest, Looks like an Arcane Mad Scientist, in a Red Class1 Hazmat Suit, with a Biohazard emblem on the chest and a High-Pressure Toxin Sprayer as his weapon of choice
  • Class: Sorcerer (but only because I have So Many unutilized Sorcerer emblems needing a good home)
  • Main Role: Primary Damage Dealer; Special Skill “Root Killer” deals 512% damage to target, minor damage to surrounding enemies, decreases mana of target and nearby enemies by 24% for 3 turns
  • Innate Resistance: Waterproof, Resistant to Ice, deals extra damage to Nature heroes
    Attack: 745 Defense: 710 Health 1345 Speed: Very Fast
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Can I have this hero in my roster , I’ll take duplicates


Since everything coming out of beta appears to be trash right now and multiple things are been nerfed I thought I would like to take this chance to predict Julys HOTM
Hero Name: stuff u player base
element red
Class Paladin
HP 1672
Attack 100
Defence 912

Mana speed very fast
Special Deals 240% damage to all allies
All allies get -48% defence for ten turns
all allies get -34% mana production for six turns
changes tiles on the board to a colour that you did not bring if you have brought a rainbow team randomly kills one of your heros


I did have a dream overnight whereby I saw it was a red/fire (well obviously) demon-like hero. Nothing more than that though except a vague recollection the art was awesome, and brain not working well enough to speculate on stats, abilities, etc. But just wanted to put it out there, in case I’m right… and if so, will try to remember future dreams more clearly!!

(Yes, I probably need help if E&P is starting to intrude on my dreams! :sweat_smile:)

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Copying from Create your own hero thread:


Innate resistance to water damage is so well thought! A red dispeller is definitely needed so this guy would fill a lot of needs currently, I can see this happening

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Closing this thread as there is now a #beta-beat thread for the July 2020 HotM:


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