[HoTM Prediction Thread] July 2020

So, I’m not sure if this is something the community will buy into but I’ve seen this in other communities and I’ve always had some fun with it. I haven’t seen it here before so let me know if I have just missed it (I doubt it because I spend way too much time here anyway lol).

The idea is to predict what kind of HoTM we’re gonna get before they hit beta. The thread would be closed as soon as zephyr1’s beta thread with the detail comes up.

I would suggest the following categories, since element comes from rotation and it’s known by everyone pretty much.

If my rotation math is correct the element for July will be Red/Fire

  • Name:
  • Class:
  • Main Role: Tank / Primary Damage / Support
    (This one is obviously debatable, but the point here is not to be fully right or anything but pure speculation)
  • Innate Resistance:
  • Mana Speed:
  • Element Link:

Does anyone else have any further suggestions?

I would like to start a count of some kind, giving one point per category that a user gets right. However, I will have to see how much time this takes off my life before promising to do so :slight_smile:

(Of course the “Main Role” category would not count because it’s subjective and cannot be narrowed down consistently). Name should be worth more points because who the hell is getting that right right?

I’ll post my prediction below and will come back to check if there are cool suggestions for further predictions.

My idea is that the predictions would relate to the first time the hero hits beta and not necessarily its official release but am open to discussion and suggestions.

Have fun!

P.S. Is there a way to create a tag? I wanted to create the tag “HoTM-Prediction” in case we manage to make this a regular thing, but could only select one of the existent tags not sure if that’s intendend or I’m just dumb :wink:

P.P.S. Feel free to move my thread if this is not the appropriate Forum Category. Felt like it to me but not sure.

  • Name: Mihaela
  • Class: Monk
  • Main Role: Support
  • Innate Resistance: Mana Slowing
  • Mana Speed: Fast
  • Element Link: +30% defense against Blue
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  • Name: The brick with eyes

  • Class: Sorcerer

  • Main Role: Support

  • Innate Resistance: Resist all ailements

  • Mana Speed: Fast

  • Element Link: +10-50% dodge (Greater the damage greater the % dodge )

  • by the way great thread


Waiting for red sniper like Lianna, Joon, Alasie, Alice with fast speed.

Tyr is fine, but not HOTM


I’m hoping for a red Eve/Panther :smile: Fingers crossed!


Thanks! I think “resist all ailments” is a bit wishful thinking :laughing:
but dodge as element link? what a great idea! I think dodge is such a fun mechanic but 10-50 at fast is waaay too much I think

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  • Name: @Rigs
  • Element: Ice
  • Class: Rogue
  • Main Role: AOE Damage
  • Innate Resistance: Fire, Foos, Haters & Criticism
  • Mana Speed: Fast
  • Elemental Link: - 100% lucks given +critical damage +100%

Just like a negotiation, start high and meet in the middle :joy:

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OK you just won this thread LOL

you forgot

element link: +100% whistleblowing on important issues :smiley:

  • Name: -
  • Class: Never been to any class
  • Main Role:?
  • Innate Resistance: Resist to Racisms
  • Mana Speed: Faster than When your GF said I’m at Home… Alone!!!
  • Elemental Link: +300 diamond and +1 EHT

Very Fast
Sonic Wave Shriek:
Deals 115% damage to all
All enemies receive 138 Sonic Wave damage over 2 turns
Resistance to negative ailments that affect mana
Very Fast
10% critical chance


Name - Rashi (Fire Salamander)
Class - Druid
Main Role - Sniper
Innate Resistance - This hero has the innate ability to resist status ailments that decrease accuracy.
Mana Speed - Fast
Element Link - gives all Fire allies +4% mana speed for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.


Name: Killuria
Class: Rogue
Main Role : Telluria Killer
Innate resistance- This hero has the innate ability to resist nerf
Mana speed- Very Fast

Destroy Telluria , Make a telluria lover feels dissapointed, betrayed


It’s time to realise Valhalla themes HotM to match perfectly well with the featured hero (Let’s say Lady Loki):

Name: Bride Thor
Class: Barbar
Main Role: Damage Dealer
Innate Resistance: Attack Down
Mana Speed: Very Slow
Deal 100% Damage against 4 random enemys
Buff Attack to himself + 60%
Buff Crit chance to himself +30%
Buff Mana gain to himself + 25%

This represents Thor picking up his Hammer after the disguise is dropped
Element Link: Plus defence against Ice


Name: Rozaline
Class: Rogue
Main Role: Sniper
Innate Resistance: Effects that target mana generation
Mana Speed: Fast
Special Skill: Flame Bomb

  • Deals 430% damage to the target
  • Target receives 450 burn damage over 3 turns
  • Dispels status ailments from caster and nearby enemies
  • Caster and nearby enemies get +20% mana generation for 3 turns
  • Element Link: gives all fires allies +30% defence against Special Skills for 4 turns. Can’t be dispelled.

I added a special skill to my suggestion, hope you like


Name Definitely not game breaking
Class Rogue
Main role various
Innate resistance effects that target mana generation
Mana Speed Very fast
Special Skill
Burning inferno
Deals 450% damage to the target and nearby enemies
Target and nearby enemies receive 600 burn damage over 3 turns
Dispels status ailments from all allies
All allies summon a minion with 300 health
All allies Regenerate 600 health over 3 turns
Element link all fire allies get + 6% mana generation for 4 turns.


Name: Eirene
Class: Druid
Speed: Fast
Stats: 650 Attack, 788 defense, 1450 health
Role: Tank/Support
Special resistance to all Mana reduction
Special speed: Fast
Special: Keeper of Peace

  1. All allies are cleansed of debuffs
  2. All enemy buffs are removed
  3. All allies receive +44% defense for 4 turns
  4. No hero on either side of the battle may receive ANY damage from special skills (this includes direct damage or DoT effects) for 3 turns. Non-damaging effects such as dispells, buffs, minion summons, etc. take effect as they normally would. This effect cannot be disspelled.
  5. Element link: All fire heroes regain 4% health per turn.
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name: donatella
class : sorceress
role: damage dealer
resist : dispel
speed : average
link : +30% def vs specials

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Name: Valentina
Class: Ranger
Primary Role: Damage dealer
Innate Resistance: Dispel
Mana Speed: Fast
Elemental Link: Taunt 3 turns.

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How would taunt work as an element link? Like the Hotm gets taunt himself like BK? Because not ALL can have taunt right?

Great suggestion though I’d love to see some new element links like suggested in this thread

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