HOTM possible to pull with silver coins

if its allready on forum excuse me then… mainly work 6/7 for 13 hours a day sow not much time to read the forum…

my idea : for gaving f2p players also a better change to get an HOTM cuz mainly they need to save a long time for 300 gems and get a huge luck getting a hotm…

why not put him also available with silver coins ? but then on a smaller % chance to get ? it allows f2p also make a better change to get a desired hotm… all other players also ofc… but it shouldnt be a bonus for spenders only but also better do able for f2p players… dont get me wrong i’m not f2p :stuck_out_tongue: spended way too much… but also think of people that are f2p… i did it as an expirement on another account on android and honestly respect for the ones that keep playing after a year… you see very early who buys and who not tbh… probably this idea get whiped away fast but lets give it a try ! it shouldnt be on troops tbh cuz it have nothing to do with heros :slight_smile:

A related idea was posed: save up n silver tokens and convert them to a gold token. Yoir idea is less radical, because the primary summons still only draws from the 1* - 3* pool.

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Or SG can create hotms in 4* for the silver-token pool? :slight_smile:


SG could do the silver token pulls for a HOTM but have it like at a 0.5% chance to pull

i think there is a too big span between f2p - p2w… but honestly from a zynga game i dont suspect anything else… but its just seems unfair only payers get hotms and f2p barely get a chance… i cant complain cuz i use some money and hit them… emblems was normally to help f2p players but now the emblems get on market too to buy… sow i’m little concerned about the future of the game if they keep going like this :slight_smile: for moment aint going to spend anymore cuz i just start to feel it will die soon and dont want to come on a point i spended too much to quit tbh

Silver token should be able to summon HOTM but with less % like 0.1 or 0.5%

My unpopular opinion - all these topics are really just going over the same again. Finding new words to the same wishful thinking. “I want that heroes everyone wants but I don’t want to spend 300$ per month on summons”.

They add this at low chance - people will create topics they want the chance higher “0.01% is ridicoulos!!! I play for a year and never got any HotM!!”
They increase the odds - still someone will make angry posts they "didn’t get a single hotm from grey tokens for 4th month in a row!!!’
etc etc

People would really stop finding reasons to complain about the pulls only if everyone was getting a free HotM at 1st day of the month.

You get 1 free token every day + at least 2 daily from the loot. That’s a 100 pulls per month. 130 if you are on VIP. With 0.5% chance to get HotM per summon - nearly everyone would have HotMs. That is full rosters of 5* within few months of playing f2p or c2p.

Game is not about everyone having all the best heroes out there. Game is about achieving the best results with random and imperfect cards you happen to have at hand. It is what makes it fun. Otherwise it’s all Guins and Gravemakers on defense fought by the same Panthers and Athenas, and running autoplay through seasonal challenges and punching titans with the same stacks.


Actually I think they should create a hero of the month token which when used increases the odds of getting a hotm.

Personally not complaining as i got 3 hotm so far this month is more than i can use.

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100% agree :+1::+1::+1:

Zynga wants theire 900 mio $$ back. so it will go on like this… that`s what others told in december…
get used to it.

I’ve got Onatel last month from gold token which I’ve got for free from chest or something. So everything is possible.

I’ve recieved 4 gold hero tokens in the last two weeks just from chests and loot. The chances are out there even for free to play ppl. A better ask might be to increase gold hero token drops. I don’t think it would happen, but there is already a mechanism for a chance at HOTM…

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