HOTM-only Summons

For many mid-to-late game players the only reason to do summons is for the hero of the month. As you get farther along in the game, and especially after you’ve built a couple of tc20s and gotten the event heroes you want, the marginal value of new non-HOTM heroes is very low.

It would be great if SG offered HOTM-only summons. Right now the odds on an epic or event summons are somewhere around: 16-25% 4 star, 3-5% 5 star, and 1-1.5% HOTM. Perhaps SG could offer something like a 300 gem HOTM summon that gave a 6-10% chance of the HOTM and a 90-94% chance of a random 3 star.

I am a cheap to play player. I would happily spend $10-$20 per month, but I now spend less than that because I have most of the 4 star heroes I need and the odds of getting 5 stars and the HOTM from epic and event pulls are too low to justify the expense. I will wait to get my 5 stars from my tc20s, even though doing so means I give up chances at the HOTM.

If SG offered higher probability, direct shots at the HOTM though, I would definitely spend the rest of that budget every month. I’d imagine that there are plenty of others that would do the same.

I like that idea. Definitely would buy gems to get a chance to get Alberich or Delilah.

Good Idea, may be.
I’m ready to buy gems until I get Alberich … most probably twice.

However, I find the current setup fine … you try your best of luck and acquire a HOTM but not necessarily all of them. The current setup right now I find it to be unique…some have some of HOTMs , others don’t.

Do we have any posts for new summons ideas?

I think it would be “really great” if we had a summons for HOTMs only.

Maybe run once every 3 months, and for a limited time only, none of the normal 3* and 4* heroes added.

Throw in regular 5*s if you want to mix it up… As long as HOTMs are the main feature for pulls.

Seems I have hear that somewhere before… is there a master thread? @zephyr1

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I think there should be a new tc level that gives you a guaranteed 5* hero with a 1.3% chance to receive any 5* hero of the month but it takes a week to train and a buttload of food.
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I found an existing one to merge to, and also cleaned up some of the related threads. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a stand alone HOTM idea. Hate for it to get buried in threads. If it’s a new idea. Think I can make a fresh post? Lol

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