HOTM odds changes

HOTM has the worst odds in the game. I have been left out of so many and that’s including buying gems. So, with the ridiculous horrible odds I suggest that the HOTM can be pulled from all summon tokens. Free, silver, troop, legendary, and epic. Same odds.

Wow. I can gather around 100 silver tokens a month so I can reasonably expect to get a lot of the HOTM for free this way. That won’t change the game AT ALL.

I would settle for making them available on ETT’s.

Actually, that would be Myztero.


HOTM has a 1.3% chance. This is not the worst odds. For most event portals, the odds is 1.3% chance for a 5* event hero. But for each individual hero, the odds is 1.3% divided by the number of 5* event heroes in the portal.


I think the main point of the thread is that there are people who spend money and do ten pulls and for whatever reason consistently dont get hotm.

it would be cool if there was a way to earn the hotm after a set number of pulls vs actually needing to spend chase.

I dont think OP is trying to discuss the hotm odds vs other odds specifically.

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x30, x30, x10, x10, x30 and I have Grimble, Vela and Telluria. While my alliance teammate it’s f2p and got Anzogh, Frida, Margaret, Ranvir, Miki, Grazul, Grimble, JF, Telluria, Malosi and Clarissa.

I’ve been trying since Seshat. One year and half playing.

Idk. I understand them not being pulled from Daily Summons because those don’t even give out regular 4* OR 5* heroes. I also understand them not being pulled from Troop Summons because… Heroes of the Month aren’t troops; they’re heroes.

At the very least, I’d think the gold tokens, the Epic Hero Tokens, could be made a little more common like they were last year. Not too common but with all these new summon portals and Seasonal Event heroes already have a reduced odd chance and seasonal, what are the purpose of those gold tokens after so many pulls and getting every 5* Season 1 hero possible (from TC20 or otherwise).

Will say, bonus draw are nice surprises. Having only experienced it once since I started playing, Grazul bonus draw made getting Tyrum (immediately after defeating the Dark Lord) feel great.

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Do you watch YouTube? Watch E\P
Players spend hell of amount of money on over 100 pulls. They don’t get HOTM. That’s why I say the HOTM should be able to pulled from all tokens.

So like a pity counter as has been proposed in other threads here? Better to find those threads and add support there than split the support between multiple ideas.

He specifically said

Which, as bad as they truly are, is just not true. Look at the odds of getting a specific past HOTM from ToL. That is much worse.

At the same time, many ppl pull HOTM with one EHT. I’ve personally pulled Margaret and Telluria with 1 EHT each. It’s called GACHA. If the odds of pulling is 1.3% and you pull over 100 times, you are not guaranteed to get the HOTM. Even if you pull 1000 times you are not guaranteed to get the HOTM. That’s not how probability works.

That wont happen so this thread may be closed.

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