Hotm much luck


I think i had much luck with zeline


How many draws did you do?


Dont know bur o think ist Must be 35-40


Stop wasting your daddy credit card!


Nuts. Thanks for funding though.


I am Old enough and had my own


Congrats! Beware, it can be addicting.


So you got a HOTM 1 out of 4 pulls? Or is that 35-40 10x summons or something?


Either way that is INSANE.


I had about 20 solo pulls (1 10x and some misc 1x summons) with no Zeline. That’s absolutely insane!!!


(spoken through tightly clenched teeth) I’m so happy for you. Congrats. :wink:


Yeah you Can say every 3-4 pulls
I only have made Single pulls


It takes a lot for me to use the word hate. but that’s absurd. I had to do 110 pulls for mine. Certainly won’t be doing that for any of the upcoming ones.