HOTM is supposed to be hard to get?


No worries. SG knows -exactly- how many Alasie’s they’re handing out. They don’t need to rely on anecdotal players posting crazy results at all, nor do they need to punish them or us.

This is not a class room. SG is not a supervising teacher that’s totally oblivious to anything behind his/her back. SG has serverside. They log everything we win, everything we do, all of it. Nothing stays hidden for them, and if they want to look back at something they weren’t watching at the time, there’s the backlog.


SG know better than us what stupid algorithm they use in their game. You guys are taking too seriously what’s happening in this game and try to make philosophy in a game forum. A guy post a photo that showing this game is full of gambling and that’s the true.


Weird how this topic makes me laugh and cry at the same time… No Alasie for me!

OP: will you ascend them and let your Alasie squad battle a red Titan :smiley:?? That would be fun to watch :wink:


Sure I’d love to that would be fun


I have been playing a fair few months , not had a token in 3 months now & yet to see a HOTM , & now i see someone with 6 ! awesome & ■■■ at the same time … sheesh


Slamming the beliefs of others is prolly not a good idea. Several rules could be invoked here. :wink:


They seem to be given more frequent at the end of the month. I’ve had that happen to me several times. At least it seems like it. I ended up with nearly 12 Zelines, about 10 Aerons and so far 3 Alasies…


Except the way they stored the resources to do that had absolutely nothing to do with raiding. You are presuming incorrectly that the two are related in any way.


I’ve done a ton of pulls and haven’t landed her. Blues don’t like me though!


Well that’s fine but the person who quoted me should have their message hidden also because my quote is in it and they are attacking me in that reply


I spend on average about 200 € in the game to get the heroes of the month, but then there are no spoils to ascend it, so I’m starting to disappoint this game. and really there are lucky people I see …


Just one question Mr., why rushing with summons if you already have the HOTM and there’s no event summon available? If you get too many “HOTM clones” you’ll only get more and more disappointed if you’ll don’t get the next one, isn’t best to wait for June? :confused:


True, and they will be, never fear. As in all human interaction that goes south, let’s not start something. :wink:


I wasn’t attacking you Drob, and I also didn’t flag your post. Regardless of what you said, or even how I felt about it, you have a right to post whatever you want in my opinion. I know it’s not a popular concept with this country anymore, but personally, I believe in free speech.

That being said, you did decide to take a shot at part of my comment, so I decided to have a little fun with you as well. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that most people got the reference. We might go as far as that being a “burn”, but that’s hardly an attack. Are we really becoming that thin-skinned? I hope not.


Everyone seems to forget that the person who did that saved up heroes and food FOR A MONTH. If it was Jimme you’re referencing, Alasie was the ONLY hero he leveled for 30 days. One hero a month is one hero a month, whether it was spread out over 30 days of leveling or all in one hour. You can’t honestly tell me that leveling one hero a month is overpowered?

EDIT - if it was Dator, I have less details there, but he also spent 2-3 weeks hording food and feeder hereos and only got Alasie to 3/70. Again taking 1 hero to 70 in 2-3 weeks doesn’t seem broken to me.


No… It’s not. When I made that comment I was thinking about something someone had said in another thread. I think the words he used were… as the developers watched in horror. I got a kick out of that. The discussion was concerning update 1.2 and how we got such a serious cut back on resources from raiding after that event took place. It’s speculation, as none of us can really know what was going on in the background, but it did seem rather coincidental. A player being able to do that was probably something the developers never intended.

… and the question was never whether it was broken, or even proper… just that it might not be a good idea to advertise it. It’s become very clear that the developers don’t like it when someone finds a way to exploit something in their game. Whether it be through mercenary work, trophy dropping, farming of certain stages… the list goes on.


The thing is, if someone is going to take a MONTH to horde food and feeders, they are still going to be able to do that regardless of the food being lowered in raid wins.


I don’t care how the resources were stored. This has to do with how the resources were acquired. The change to raiding was a way of slowing down people’s progress. Plain and simple.

I’m not sure how this became a discussion as to whether leveling a five-star in a few hours is proper or not… It has nothing to do with that. I was simply making a statement that it was noticed. That’s all.


I created as spreadsheet to plan getting the green HOTM (Gregorian or whatever) to level 80 in a day, for me it would take a very well coordinated use of world energy and training camps… basically eliminate all other progress for a month. It just wasn’t worth it for me.

Dator/JimMe are at a different points in the game than me… good for them to do it. I didn’t in order to speed my ability to be where they are.

My favorite part about this game is the constantly shifting resource limits… play on!


Ok… I’m done. When that video came out at the beginning of the month, and then they made the change to raiding, the whole situation became a bit of an Empire and Puzzles conspiracy theory. I didn’t just come up with this on my own. So when I saw this gentleman post that he had gotten the hero of the month six times… my first thought was something along the lines of… No! It was just a comment. Not meant to start a hate parade. I must have forgotten I was on the internet. My bad.