HOTM is supposed to be hard to get?

Just got 5th today boy they will be a pain to lvl

Ok I no this seems impossible but did a 10 pull purple and got a sixth Alisea today, I really wish you could make trades I have no idea what to do with 6 Alisea


jeez wish we had trading tickets instead of loot tickets. no alaise after alot of draws alot.


Okay I give: how did you get your bevy of Alasies? :grin:


I got 3 from epic tockin from titans ad of the day and 2 from 2 10 pulls

Quick, go buy a powerball ticket!


I did 60 pulls this month, 30 last month, 20, 20, 30 the months before plus tokens and didn’t get any of the HotMs. They’re hard for me to get at lest :cry:


wow…you got 3 tokens this month?? I haven’t gotten a single token since the first week in april.
the last three colore chests netted 3 daily summons.


Lol I just got another one today for a total of 6. I really don’t understand what’s going on here. !
I have an entire row of spare Alasies. I hope my luck continues next month.

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I haven’t seen a HotM since Thoth :cry:

I got two of those, accidentally. And nothing since.


I haven’t gotten a single one since I realized HoTM is a thing!


لا اعلم لماذا المكافئات عاديه ولا يوجد بها تميز

It amazes me when people post stuff like this… You know the developers are going to see it and make Gravemaker just stupid hard to get now. (Facepalm!) Does no one remember the video that was posted at the beginning of the month showing how she was raised from 0 to max level within hours. Then we get an update that completely nerfs the resources available from raiding.

It’s like none of you went to Sunday school. Do you not remember the song?.. (sing-song)Be careful little mouth what you say…(sing-song)


Been playing 10 months…no HoTM at all…they are impossible for me to get. I really think if I don’t get something good in June I’m done…


60??? whoa that’s…

Wow :flushed: that’s very very lucky! Congratulations

I am like a few others here, I haven’t had a epic hero token since early April and I’m top 3 in Titan loot all the time. I have done 2 10x pulls and a 3 single pulls this month with no luck. I’ve given up, I spent way too much trying to get Delilah and before her Zeline. I consider myself fortunate I got Perseus in December. I decided to give up trying for HOTM and will just try for Event heros.

HOTM seems to be the most random aspect of the game IMO :smiley: I’ve been playing since October, there’s been a few HOTM since then and all I’ve gotten was 3 Delilahs from three single pulls. Back then I didn’t spend any money on the game, in March (?) when Delilah was up I spent my first $$ on one of those super cheap Event offers. The rest of the gems I got was from slow and patient collecting from loot and quests. And without spending (almost) anything I got 3 Delilahs. Since then I have started spending waay more (I get most of the cheap offers), bought the 400 pack a few times. And NOTHINGGGG, no more HOTM for me.

About nine months ago someone posted that, had their comment hidden, and spent the next day trying to explain what Billy Madison was and why they were being funny, not cruel.


  1. Subtlety seldom works - you usually have to explain yourself.
  2. You’re late to the party anyway.

Continuing the discussion from Special offers for some?:

I was wrong: it was 11 months ago.

No worries. SG knows -exactly- how many Alasie’s they’re handing out. They don’t need to rely on anecdotal players posting crazy results at all, nor do they need to punish them or us.

This is not a class room. SG is not a supervising teacher that’s totally oblivious to anything behind his/her back. SG has serverside. They log everything we win, everything we do, all of it. Nothing stays hidden for them, and if they want to look back at something they weren’t watching at the time, there’s the backlog.


SG know better than us what stupid algorithm they use in their game. You guys are taking too seriously what’s happening in this game and try to make philosophy in a game forum. A guy post a photo that showing this game is full of gambling and that’s the true.

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