HoTM in the Daily Summon

I didn’t see any topic like this recently, so my apologies if it has been posted already.

Anyway, I think that the current summon token(which is so much more common than an epic summon) has such a small value. Great, another feeder. And who isn’t disappointed when their elemental wanted chest spits out 3 regular summon tokens?

Idea: Either add a small chance(maybe the same chance as getting a non-featured 5* season 2 hero from Atlantis portal) to get the current Hero of the Month OR a small chance at getting one of the old heroes of the month.

I know this sounds like it could hurt SGG’s profits, but I really don’t think so. Remember, you get an extra summon from buying VIP. Also, if they choose to use an old HoTM; I read in the AMA that they plan to possibly stop offering the earlier heroes of the month in Atlantis at some point. In addition, the odds are so low, you have a much better chance getting a featured hero of the month as opposed to getting the random one that you want.

This would appeal to new players, old players, F2P, C2P, and P2P. Imagine opening the elemental chest and being so disappointed that you got no ascension mats and 3 regular summon tokens. Then, boom! Hel. Or Gravemaker. Or Alasie. Very small chance at these heroes, but it could happen. Again, I know it might not be considered because of profits, but it could also encourage more people to buy VIP. The chance of getting the summon would be really, really low(and you might end up with Thoth-Amun instead of Hel). I don’t see this hurting their profits and I do see it giving F2P a bone while also giving more to P2P players(they get the extra summon, so double the daily chance).

It wouldn’t really be that different from Atlantis, in a way; people who want Tarlak spend more when he is featured because there is such a better chance for him when he is featured. So, even though Hel might be possible from the daily summon, the odds are so low, people would still be encouraged to spend just as much when she is featured. Plus, a lucky free player could be jumping up and down because they finally got one of the best heroes in the game that they thought they would never see. And again, summon tokens would be slightly less worthless while also providing a way that old HoTM could be obtained. It isn’t so different than Legendary training. People who will pay do buy the elemental summons, even though they could have gotten those heroes from TC20. Paying would still make things happen so much faster, but this would let patience pay off once in a great while. The way it should in this game.

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