HOTM - Ideas, purpose, usage

I’m not sure why i created this topic, as everything is just a plea that will go unheard…

When will SG release another HOTM that is a titan specialist like Miki? or tarlak, gazelle (ii know they aren’t HOTMs, just as an example), or even Ranvir? I am guessing never, because people spend to try and get Miki at tavern of legends, or atlantis when featured. SG really needs to revisit the HOTM’s and their purpose and usability. There haven’t been many need or really want to have HOTM recently, they all seem like afterthoughts, which isn’t surprising since they’re developing new hero’s they want people to spend & chase, so the HOTM is just a whatever-type bonus, but not something people go after.

Right now the HOTMs seem like they are released as an answer to one or two other hero’s, or a special that stands alone and doesn’t pair great with other hero’s.

I wish SG would release HOTM that are more enticing because the specials are more thought out, and even if they are niche, that is fine, but make them have a purpose, like a titan specialist, or a v-fast war must have hero, or a minion answer (uraeus and devana are decent answers for this), or a very usable tank, or a reviver. I know the HOTM’s all can’t be great, but they’ve only been mediocre for so long (prob since Telluria, Vela, and Malosi as an answer to Telluria… but we all know what happened w/ Telluria, and Vela… funny nothing happened to GM… wonder why? oh, right so people would chase when available). Right now HOTMs are just after-thoughts, and while i’m sure SG doesn’t want to put time and money into bonus pull hero’s since it doesn’t generate as much money as a new event, i can almost guaranty if there was a titan specialist, a lot of people would spend gems to get them. It’s just development on one hero too, not like building out a whole new event. I dunno, i’m just rambling now, but it’s something SG def needs to revisit cuz they’ve been so lackluster for a while now.


Telly was the reason why HOTMs suffered a lot especially during 2020. This year’s HOTMs were much better. And there will never be another titan specialist HOTM as those are so coveted. People are still dumping money trying to get tarlak and Miki from the outdated S2 portal, well I did


i just used free pulls i amassed cuz i knew he was coming. the 15 pulls amounted to nothing. well, i can say that from pretty much 4 months now, i’m 1 for last 633 (0.157%) since springvale pulling a featured/event hero.

i also have gazelle, so i’m in good shape with a great option for a titan (and raids as well). i use gazelle all the time. If there was another titan specialist i would still prob try to get them

You can’t get anyone better than gazelle. Tarlak and Miki are at most equals to gazelle.

But everyone raved about Vela (same time period) and I just don’t get it. Her special is like being hit with a wet noodle and she dies really fast.

Her actual function is to occupy a roster slot that you then have to pay to increase your roster slots to make space for her.

During that time, Vela was actually a lot more threatening to the red stacks going after Telluria since she did 150% damage with 4 turns of Water Damage (same damage per turn as she does currently). All of this was boosted by extra damage to red.

And on top of that, she crippled red stacks with a 54% attack drop.


Meanwhile Gravemaker did a burn to three. I don’t know why everyone makes such a fuss about the deadly GM. When he came out, certainly, as he was very fast and had good stats for the time, but by the GTV era he was only really deadly in that combination. That’s the real reason why he wasn’t nerfed when the other two were: he didn’t need to be.

Miki is great and not widely available, but you’ve also got Tarlak who can be found in the Atlantis portal every month, as well as Gazelle in the Teltoc event which used to be twice a year (soon to be once a year) and a free Wu Kong in every portal in the game. Yes, Ranvir IS chopped liver, since you ask :stuck_out_tongue:

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As I recall no one raved about Vela until Telluria showed up. Then her extra damage against reds synergized well with Telly.

Before that there was no really viable green tank to pair Vela with and who would use reds against blue Vela?

Then with Tellygate they lobotomized Vela’s strength against red.