HOTM Hero Request - Miki or Tarlak part2

Hi, I’d like to make a humble request to SGG regarding a Titan friendly hotm like Miki. Some of us started playing the game after Miki was featured and thus didn’t get enough opportunity of pulling. Titans is my most favorite part of the game and I was lucky to have pulled Master Australian chef - Bertulf. But yeah a 5* would be nice though.

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You can get him from ToL

Hi everyone,

Miki is very good against blue titans but slow on his mana speed… Tarlak is good too but is a really bad healer. These 2 heroes can be exploited well if at least you SG make a little effort to improve them.

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These improvements you wanted is called Super mana potion

You’re using the wrong heroes if you’re depending on Tarlak’s heal


Yeah but what are the odds ?
I somehow feel we have better odds of pulling an hotm than a featured hero. Also new hero might bring better stats and a special (apart from attackup without inaccuracy)?
Food for thought !

That’s intentional…otherwise defense would be unbeatable as Miki would potentially keep cleansers from firing for 5 or 6 turns ?

This is why I don’t use Tarlak as a healer…

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A hero that’s equivalent or better than Miki will not be a hotm ever again. SGG had learn their lesson. There’s simply no use allowing f2p and c2p to unleash everything they have hoarded to try their luck at such a powerful hero that’s the first in the roster against any titan. You’d have better odds praying SGG puts him into SE

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But this kind of item is difficult to produce because ingredients such as Midnight Roots and Meteorite Fragments are so rare to find. Even at the places indicated whose chances are enormous to find them.

Gotta pace yourself with what you have, what you can farm and how long you can keep doing it. You can’t blow 5 super mana on every titan that comes thru the door and then blame the game for not giving you enough mats to make it. Pick your battles. Setting off Miki is only useful when you have a good board, or you’re going to tornado and scroll for high score. Miki is a titan multiplier hero. He makes your good score great. Pick your battles

Do you really think that I use Miki against all the titans that appear? This is absolutely not the case. Me personally, I only use Miki against red titans. And I don’t need to blame the game for not giving you enough mats to make it. A lot of poeple are already do this on googleplay.

Anyway thank you for your advice.

Why not ? I get it you have Tarlak but then who else do you use Ranvir or Wu ?

Imo Miki is best in business hands down so I think using him against all titans except rare and normal blues is not a bad idea

From people that I talk to, a popular titan attack team will consist of Miki, Franz, and the strong color heroes with def down/elem def down/tile enhancer, etc. Of course there are other titan attack team setups.

One thing to note, Tarlak is S2 not a HoTM. I’m all for Miki being featured again. So many people started after Miki was the HoTM.

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Exactly, you’re right I’ve got Tarlak, Ranvir and Wu. I’ve already tested Miki against yellow, purple or green titans and this is not enough good for me. Instead I prefer use Tarlak, Ranvir or Wu for these colors.

Theoretically, Oceanus should be released in Atlantis tomorrow, also a Titan hero in red.

Even if you don’t get him, costume Wilbur is similar to Bertulf.

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Not anymore. It will be Tethys now.

Miki is solid in Rush. And better on all but blue titans.

Tarlak has some value in non-rush raid/war flags, depending on roster.

If you can only do one, Miki imo. But do both. Your blue titan teams will love you for also taking Tarlak up. He also has utility with stronger board auto farming. And Miki is a crap shoot on rare blue titans due to blue reflect.

Titans are daily. Tailor those titan teams to get B grade or better.

So sad. I was actually planning on pulling… Guess I wait another month.