HOTM (Hero of the Month 1 to 24) > A 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY IMAGE

Courtesy of the the H.U. System List generator… Smaller image you can not make out all the stats however clearly recognize the HOTM 1-24 (2 years of E&P). Interesting seeing how the GAME would actually take a dramatic turn to create a REIGN SUPREME for over 1/2 a year starting with Zeline and ending with Gravemaker… DEFENSIVELY. The longer period in which the build up of Zim through Kunchen (and Aegir re-balancing… along with Classes changed the capabilities such that a wide audience could finally complete with the prior TOP-5 and their few substitutes)…

This is the THUMBNAIL, just a few posts down is the FULL SIZE VERSION (well its not full size but much larger!).



Thought you might enjoy having :slight_smile:
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Thanks @Razor …darn got only B rated HOTM :sob:

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I have gotten a few requests to have a FULL READABLE VERSION of this file its 3MB+ below
Not sure if this forum software will store it in its original format however… will see. It was just uploaded to LINE and was told still a bit blurry (told them to actually download to there phone - that corrected it)…

@Alyssaann1014 @Sorsha @Manathir @Shohoku79 @Rook @Pois1 @NPNKY @littleKAF @Kerridoc @Decorum


LOL wait see this… “GRADES” on hero’s are dated as well the TECH TEAM line group I had assembled with some key players in the game determined that “GRADES” would not be the path of v4.0 of the Hero Utility - we will be developing a SCALE SYSTEM. TITANS will still likely maintain “GRADES” based on their Element and Skills versus the Individual Hero potential alone with recommendations of Team assembly. Defense teams, War Teams and Raid Teams however will use the SCALE SYSTEM. This is being further investigated at this time per Myself and the Modeler. In addition another Eval/Value system will also be added on simple Q&A that I plan to develop myself that will be free as possible from ‘perceived’ value of the graders (which will consist of well over 60 graders from over 30 alliances). Thanks!



Thanks @Razor! This version is much better. “Downloaded” to phone and this is what it looks like zoomed in.

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Excellent! Thanks for the update. FYI - The CURRENT and CUMULATIVE statistics are valid only through 5/16/2019. For those who may reference it as such. Also Card stats, Edge Statistics and Grades be careful assessing using them (the GPA wraps simply are using the accumulation of grades per category using a 4.0 system based on USA schools).


Will there be any data for Kunchen, Frida, Anzogh and Margaret?

Great work so far. :+1:t4:

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Hi @Olmor please see this related post discussing that: Will there be someone who takes Anchor's place maintaining the hero grading?

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Does anyone know who the HoTM for June 2019 may be? Thank you guys for all the help. Also what is anyone’s opinion on Margaret? I was lucky enough to get 2 of her.

July Seshat (Purple - Sniper + Minion)
August Miki (Blue - Tarlak wannabe)

Edited , Thx @Kor1sco i missed myself lol


june yellow druid Ranvir (5* wu)
july purple ranger Seshat
August blue barbarian Miki

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Thank you both for the information. I would like the one for July. That gives me more time to save up my gems to hopefully get that one.

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