HOTM Gregorion what`s wrong

Guys for me Greg really doesnt stand up as a HOTM. I was thinking what was wrong and how to it can be fixed. First of all we dont want to overpower him greatly this is why we should not touch his mana speed. This is why I am suggesting to alter how many turns his Critical chance special last, from 3 to 5 turns.

No it’s most definitely his mana speed.

Or the best thing ever missing from this game is -54% defense against NATURE for 4 turns
and also increase the critical to +36% just like ARES for 4 turns. MAKE CRITICAL STACK!!!

@Petri hear the players out HOTMs must be Stronger or more unique than the regular 5* heroes


Lol this forum is so controversial I can‘t believe it. On the one side ppl are yelling that the gap between players with Hotm and without is getting out of hand. On the other ppl want to buff existing Hotm. Hotm dont have to be equally strong, luckily they are not. Gregorian is good as he is (my personal opinion;))


@Maaeetz If you are a player like me who was lucky enough to get a HOTM with couple of tokens and he gets a player that is average then you might raise the question how this might be fixed. And @Maaeetz I am sorry you didn`t get Greg last month.

And Yes I would love to see Greg at fast mana but i don`t know if that fits in SG strategy for the game this is why I am suggesting a way to balance him with another approach.

I disagree, to me HOTM should do new things but not be stronger than (or straight up buffed version of) regular 5* heroes.
Now, every hero should have their spot where to shine:

If Khagan’s buff were to be reworked (for example) by tuning down his defense value & reducing the rounds his buff last while spreading his defense & mana generation to 5 targets instead of only self+sides he would become one of the best event/titans hero, while for how it is now it’s only a meh hero, maybe only good if you don’t have others red 5* heroes.

Stacking crit buff would be insane, you could have +15% (troops) + 30% (Gregorion) +36% (to Ares and 2 sides) and that would become the the be-all and end-all team… a thing everyone should rather avoid.

But even I am for a HOTM buff… why old ones only have 777 team power while the newer ones have 780? They need that 2-3 increased stats points or they’ll be upset :stuck_out_tongue:

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Greg is fine. He is a nice sniper. Paired with Lianna they can wreak havoc. Most of the nature 5’s are very underwhelming. This is why I wanted greg bad. Good compliment to Lianna and Elkanen.

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Wait, troop and greg/ares crit dont stack? I’m currently upgrade crit troop for nothing?

Troops stacks with buffs (same with +mana%, for example) but he were talking about stacking other buff on top of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Bro I‘m totally in your boat because I was lucky to pull Aeron with a coin (I dont really spend) and I would swap with Greg any given time :joy: :joy:

And Lianna is probably one of the best greens but don‘t you think Greg is superior to any other green 5* except for Zeline? I mean Greg is better offense than Zeline and vice versa. So he is way better than all other greens

I have lost countless raids because of Aeron. Now imagine his new status ailments was lasting for 5 turns instead of 3 then I will swap my Greg for Aeron.

It will be great if new abilities are introduced. Then the battle tactics will be countless. But when the speciall ability already exist and this HOTM is not so Hot then it might need a little nerfing.

Yeah, I get that one. But if you assign crit troop to greg, wouldnt green tile have 45% chance to crit?or am I wrong?how do we know they dont stack (troop+ ares, troop+greg)? If ares+greg easy,their special replace eachother.

Liana is way better in defense.

LIana HP - 1248 against Greg`s 1351
Liana Defens - 718 Greg 710
Liana Atack - 729 Greg 729
Liana deals 520% damage and Greg 455%

In defensive raids Greg`s ability is useless so equal to Liana but then Liana is Fast where Greg is average. Liana versatility is obvious from where she is better.

In offensive raids if/when Greg`s special fires it might be to late as you might not have heroes still standing and if you do 3 turns is a blink of an eye compare to the time required to trigger him.

I assume critical bonus from troops are independent to special attack, so they should stack and that would make Greg skill even greater. I don´t have Zeline but Lianna is in my rooster and she’s a great sniper

I use single color teams so I have Greg with Lianna, Elkanen, Melandor then either Horgwall/Kadelin for
Raids or Wu for Titan. The critical chance is nice and the elemental link is nice. He hits pretty decent too. I can normally get his special off a few times so the average mana is fine. It just depends on how you use him. He is awesome the way I use him.

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I am not a top player as you are and I don`t have so many fully ascended heroes. I am not saying Greg needs such significant buff as making him fast but for player like me changing how long his special last will make a difference. And will really make him HOTM.

If Gregorion’s had a +15% crit troop the tiles that uses his troops would have a increased +15% crit chance, if he had even his special every affected hero would have his troop with increased +30% crit chance.

If the green tiles you fired would have been mana ones (if you use Gregorion + another green hero), having Gregorion’s buff active, you’ll have only +30% crit chance even if Gregorion had a crit troop.

Long story short:
tile’s critical chance are modified by troops and critical buffs but neither troops neither buffs stack with themself (I tried with Gregorion and 4 red heroes with crit troop and the crit weren’t near 50%).

I know Critical stack would be insane that’s why i suggested it as a joke. To peeve ppl off. but would be really cool. lol let’s break the game by stacking criticals lol

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Thanks for the clarification. I know the crit chance are calculated individually,so they wont add up if you use color stacking.

Not true. The crit buff affects the slash attack (the simple hit each hero does on the timer). Take a slash from a hero buffed by Wu and Greg, if the crit roll hits, and you are in a world of hurt.