HotM first 5 elements improvement

I’m playing now for a while and retrospectively I think the first 5 HotM (Ares, Hel, Alberich, Musashi, Tooth) are not as good as other HotM which came after.

Therefore I like to recommend to balance this Heros while adding a elemental link to them, as the other already have.

A year ago, SGG already improved some Heros like Aegir, Thorne and others.

All of those heroes, especially Alberich and Hel, are highly sought after, and in my opinion, require no balancing.


Ares, Hel and Alby still belong to some of the best heroes in the game. Definitely no adjustments needed imo. :open_mouth:
Musashi and Toth are okay, not the best and not the worst. :slight_smile:


I’d say Hel and Alby are still among the best; Ares and Musashi are still good, but not game changers; and Thoth-Amun is among the worst HotM.

But however you sort them, there’s been hits and misses since then too. If anything, I’d say they hold up surprisingly well, for a first cut.


I have alberich and hel and hope for ares one day
Go ahead and buff em up lol

Panther is the buff the thoth needed to be good
Hopefully musashi will get a similar compliment one day. Could have been rabbit but nooo devs have too much love for jackal

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Regarding Alberich:
I think due to the introduction of Mother North and now Heimdall, he gets left behind a bit.
He got castrations at the beginning many times, which was ok for this specific time and no. of Heroes around, but to the current meta, he is not as good as other’s

Regarding Ares:
He almost disappeared from its Tank position due to that many debuffer around.
Compared to Puss in boots he is less dangerous and less powerful imo.

For me it would be enough to push all of them a little, not much. However this push would look like.

Only one HOTM should be buffed and that’s Margaret

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Thats not part of this thread, but 99% of the Beta team pushed from the beginning for her right after she were introduced for testing…

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Alberich is solid on offense and so is ares

Defense is overrated

What rewards do we get for defense again?


Let me thing of in Wars :thinking:

Hmm a v fast hero that gives herself and nearby a chance to dodge. If someone doesnt want a hero like that, they probly shouldn’t have gave her tonics. Her skill and stats aren’t exactly hidden mechanics

Better off selecting a color scheme that most can put up viable defenses and focusing your efforts on offensive performance

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I have Alby, and I do not have MN. Both and Heimdall have different advantage/disadvantage.

MN: direct heal 1st, 50% chance revive with 10% HP only, plus minion.

Alby: 33% chance revive with 23% HP, then later all allies get heal over 4 turn (advantage). And all allies get moderated mana each turn over 4 turn (this is insane and game changer to me), so no need color tiles, every allies get mana charged.

Heimdall: Heal 1st only by 500HP (but boosted HP), 20% chance revive with 30% HP.

The new HOTM one that should be buffed: Neith


Dodges Special Skills only. If she also dodged normal damage that would make her a worthy HoTM.

I get what you are saying - there’s a hero for everyone and some people will find her useful. But when you look at Miki, Gravemaker, Hel, Alberich and a lot of other HoTM is difficult to argue Margaret is not underwhelming.

Even freaking Ranvir got a little sniping ability - why doesn’t Margaret have one? Ranvir doesn’t even hit that hard but at least it’s there.

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Nobody knows for sure what Heimdall will look like once they release him.

Although both Alby and M. N. both have revive, they work very differently. Might be true that overall she is the more useful than him,I cannot judge that. Even if that is true, most people would be super-happy to get either of them. If there were a TC20 reviver out there, who would make Alberich mostly irrelevant, I could understand a need for a buff. As it is now, he has an almost unique special effect and everyone who was lucky enough to get him should be glad.

As for Ares: He might be less useful in tank position nowadays but he’s still an awesome hero in titan fights, I suppose. Also I can imagine that he’s pretty strong in raid attacks.

Athena is still the best 5* defense debuffer in the whole game.

Musashi isn’t great compared to several newer yellow 5*,however he at least has a pretty high attack stat and should be quite good in raid attacks.

As for Thoth I agree. Thoth deserves a buff and there already threads requesting this.

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Without diving too deep into it, I’ll just say margaret could have been done better but isn’t broken as is

Without diving too deep into it, I’ll just say margaret could have been done better but isn’t broken as is

Oh, I agree I don’t think she’s broken at all - also I didn’t really say that.

I do think she underwhelms when you look at her in her rightful context - hero of the month. Paired with her peers she is definitely the weak link. Comparing to ALL the 5s in the game she’s a pretty normal / weak 5 - which is to say, not good enough for a HoTM, imo

She is most probably the weakest / least useful HoTM of this year. She only has one real ‘use’, raid attacks against sniper-heavy teams. Even for this she is pretty unreliable for she only protects three out of five and still has a chance to fail (nobody knows which damage is needed to reach her 90 % cap).

I have her and almost never use her. Hänsel +18 is way more useful, I even prefer to use Melendor +6.

Oh, and as for the five heroes in OP: I would immediately trade my 4/80 Margaret for a 1/1 Alberich, Ares or Athena :joy:

Right I didn’t even remember she only covers 3 with her special lol.

I get the point made by Rigs but no one can deny she is not up to the standards all other HoTM set.

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