HotM & Event Summons - are the chances smaller?

Assuming conspiracy theorists are correct and the HotM-rolling chances change over the month, have any of you noticed if the chances of getting a HotM are smaller/bigger during the event summons? :thinking:

I want the Gravedigger, but I also need Falcon and Jackal. Wouldn’t mind trying to get him while having a chance of the other two (unless suddenly a new event will drop and maul my masterplan but yeah).

But at the same time there’s this little voice telling me that since event summons offer new heroes the HotM chance could be lower cause greeedz and maybe I would have to choose the priority? Which would be dumb, but I am not rich so I don’t have any pull statistics/own gut feels I could be guided by :cry:


I don’t know if there is a difference in chance - but I can say that during the last event, I did a couple of summons and got three normal 3*s, with a bonus of Alasie… so I would suppose that the chances stay the same… also, several people in my alliance pulled Alasie during the event… FWIW

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I personally haven’t noticed that. I’ve gotten HOTM during single 10x pull during event…and not one over 8x10x. Got natalya from a single epic token pull but also took 6x10 pulls of blue elemental to get alaise. I doubt the % are different at different times of the month.


I’m after the very same heroes! :grin:

Almost all my HOTM have come during Events, so it’s been great luck for me.


My stats so far are 29 event pulls - 2 HOTMs (2xdelilah)
And 43 element or epic pulls - 1 HOTM (Aeron, from a token).

I’d say focus on the event, I do not believe the chances are different, but I’d say event summon are too valuable to pass up with low budget.

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Rrr… looks like I’ll have to somehow muster 2 additional weeks of patience and keep my fingers away from the gems and tokens at the start of the month :rofl:

Thanks, folks!

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Well tokens you are free to use, as we all believe it does not matter when you summon for the HOTM, and you can’t use tokens for event summons :wink:

I know, but if I use gems during the event and get Gravedigger, I can try to use the tokens for Greg. It’s a long-term plan, my dude, long-term plan.


This is my burden to bear as well. I do not want to wait until the event for Gravemaker haha.
But… Ballin on a budget. Gotta try to hit 2 birds (and a jackal) with 1 stone.


I always try to kill two birds and do one 10x pull each month during the event. I don’t spend enough to do multiple pulls until I get the HOTM and I’m not going to spend gems doing elemental pulls with multiple TC 20’s rolling. The only thing I want is the rare event and HOTM heros.

So far I’ve never received a 5* hero (little on a 5* event hero or a HOTM) with any of my pulls. Probably done 8 or so 10x pulls over the time I’ve played.

Most people have heros and no ascension mats. I’ve got the opposite problem.

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I’ve had better luck in the last couple of months, (meaning I actually got the HotM), but it was still fairly random, I think. Two Delilah’s from a 10x holy summon, Merlin from a 10x event summon, and Alasie from a one-off epic summon.

is HOTM easier to pull with single pull or 10x pulling?

1x 10 pull = 10x 1 pulls.

The only benefit to doing 10x pulls is the reduced gem cost.

Two hotm: Natalya with a token and Aeron with event 10x which also gave up two Merlin.

I only make a single pull here and there or a few single pulls during the event. My only HoTM came from 4 single pulls during the Pirates of the Corellia event.

Why not record all HOTM and/or Event stats from pulls in this thread, or a new one for that purpose (I would separate them)?

Kinda like the TC20 results thread? We need data…

Here are the odds from the Avalon event a month ago. Looks like 1.2% chance for HOTM per pull. Now we just need data on ~1000 regular or elemental pulls. It’d be best to limit it to only regular or elemental, in case they are different for some reason.


How many pulls total? The TC20 thread compared over 1000 pulls before they stopped counting the data.

1382 total pulls. However, some people did a lot of pulls and reported no HOTM, which leads me to think they didn’t report it. Excluding those I get 1.6% HOTM odds on 1187 pulls (instead of the reported 1.2%). Aggregate self reported data admittedly isn’t the most accurate due to bias, but unless someone wants to pay for 1000 pulls alone it’s the best we can do. However, if non event odds are more like 3% for HOTM, we should be able to see that in the data.

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Never gotten HOTM and I’m pretty much done trying

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