HoTM Drop Rates

Yeah …i know…here they come …the mods who play and comment with there super teams …its bs … 2 sec from bringing as many as i can to another rpg with a screenshot of accomplishments here

I have a ftiend who paid for 4 10 pulls and got bs or heroes that she needed unavailable items for…thats the truth…a few are getting rich

After getting 2 Aeron, I have spent in excess of $600 for 10x pulls in an attempt to get Alasie.

I have netted exactly one 5* and two 4* that I didn’t have before.
I received countless 4* that I already have
And of course the highest count is 3*

I get that this is random, but the randomization seems to be stacked or influenced or some such nonsense.

Only receiving one 5* out of all those rolls is, well, unbelievable. Only receiving two 4* which aren’t duplicates of heroes I already have is, well, the same unbelievable.

I get pay to win - obviously because of the $$$ I’ve spent on the game, but this last batch of pulls has been so bad that I just can’t justify spending any more of my hard-earned money. I would love to have the whole set of HotM with Element Link.

No. No thank you. There has to be some sort of payoff when you spend that much money. It would be very easy to put a small file with the count of each hero you get through summons, then read that file at every summon and stack the odds more appropriately so those who are sending the Dev’s kids through college have a better chance at getting a hero they want and which they haven’t pulled 5 more of in past attempts.

I love Wu, but I don’t really need 5 of him. Maybe someone wants to build a team of all Wu Kong and raid like a maniac, but I want a variety.

So, here at the end of my rant of sorts: sorry SG, I just can’t justify spending my hard-earned money when the odds are this poor. Enjoy what I’ve given you, and I’ll enjoy the great heroes I already have, but I’ll spend no more money on this.


HoTM drop rates are very low. As are 5* drop rates from summons. So anyone spending any money on these summons expecting a successful result: buyer beware! Don’t spend any money on summons you’re not willing to part with without receiving a success, that’s what I recommend.

Game balance wise, it makes sense though. HoTM’s are quite powerful, so having no uncontrolled flow of them into the game is good. It ensures at least some variety in hero team compositions. Variety is good for this game.

Also, what would be the point of receiving hordes of 5* and HoTM’s if you don’t have the ascension mats to ascend them anyway? You’d just be replacing one rate limiting step with another an the complains would not cease, just change subject.

That said, I’m awaiting the point in time where games like these are forced by legislation to publish their current droprates. You can say whatever you wish about rampant gambling like roulette, but at least the odds there are very, very clear.


Very, very true @Bertus!

The issue I’m voicing is that there must be some sort of return on an investment or it is just burning cash.

My daughter and the rest of my alliance convinced me to give myself a birthday present and try, once again, to net Alasie. I also have a drive for Lianna for myriad reasons. Lianna is currently my Featured Elemental hero. She’s the first one I wanted with a freakin’ passion. I’ve tried so many times I have every non-HotM nature hero, 3, 4, and 5 star, except for Lianna.

I buckled down and tried again, and after throwing $100 at a mountain of gems and burning through all three 10x and the remaining 7 individual pulls, I came away with 7 duplicate 4* and of course the rest were 3*. No Lianna, no Alasie, no duplicate 5*.

Yes I did that of my own free will, and I did it knowing the 5* drop rates are very low, and so I went in with the expectation of receiving exactly what I got.

Back to my first statement: there must be a return on investment.
Calculate that out: I have done 29 10x summons this month (approximately, I had around 10k gems from the previous months of saving/buying). Of those 290 heroes, one was a 5* and two were 4* I didn’t have prior. All other 4* and 3* were duplicates of what I already have.
That drop rate is too low, especially when we see people with 5 Alasies (yeah, I know, they might have spent $10,000 for all I am aware).
The randomization is wonky and the return on investment is too low.

I nearly have my stronghold to 20, and a training camp will follow soon after. I can build up the recruits and food to pour into the “Chance of Legendary” training. No matter how low the drop rates with that method, it doesn’t burn my greenbacks.

I love the game, I run an alliance of people I consider family, and I would be happy to be a beta tester for SG because I would be thrilled to play the game that much more, so this is not a complaint in so much as it is a statement of my eyes being wide open.

That and, sorry SG, but I won’t put any more of your kids through college. My own have priority.

Fun game, but no more cash from this fellow.



The drop rates for TC20 are in this long thread

I used 10 Epic summon token and 2x 10 Elementar on green to get me Lianna + Alasie, both was in the second 10x

Maybe not! There’s players around, they got her twice with just one Epic summon token.

Like me, last year, got Joon & Toth with just one Token.

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My alt got Sartana and Natalya off a single epic token.

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Hi Bertus, the drop rates on HotMs aren’t that low for everybody. in the past i did get Aeron, Alasie and Gravemaker quite easy (fast) but Gregorion, I seem not to get him. invested nearly 20k gems and not one. my wife invested 10K gems but to get a 5* purple hero with the best one = Panther. she got 4 times (FOUR) HOTM but no purple 5* -> i watched her pulling and after she allready gotten 2 Hotms a day (or so) bevor, she now got 1 hotm (her third one) and only 3 try later she got her 4. one(?) Honestly 4 HotM with 10K gems and non with 20K gems(!) the point is, she isn’t happy about that, she doesn’t need 4 Gregorions, she would need a Sartana or Panther. and this is what is stupid in the end. So I wont get this one and she has 4 of them. (yes 1 is cool and 2 are better, but 4?? And I and my son didn’t get this one, and wont get it because I will not spend more money, the disappointment would be too big if even then the hotm would not come…nearly 20K gems and not a garanteed hotm that is poor…

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low? they are so destabilizing, so superior to the rest, that they should not leave more than a few, very few to do just the game. In my opinion they are a big error of EP.

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One never knows, that is the addictive hook of this game. I got many hotms I did not want, did not get the one I wanted. Like now, I did not particularly want gregorion, as I have Zeline and Lianna,so, did not make any summon for him, but got an epic summon in my hero chest and out comes gregorion.

That’s random for you, right there and how. Still, your reaction is understandable indeed: if you get none you’re not satisfied and if you get 4 of the same you’re not satisfied either. You pour in a truckload of diamonds and you end up with buyer’s remorse. That’s the Gacha at work. It’s nice if you’re lucky, but with small odds the overall result is players being unlucky. Because they expect a guaranteed drop, and that’s not what’s being offered nor what’s being consumed.

Remember, when you buy a summon token, you buy a longshot at a 5 star/HoTM. A chance, a longshot. Not a guarantee.

But that’s not how our human minds work, is it? It has taken me a couple of dozen tokens to let it sink in: the expected result is a 3 star hero. So everytime I spend an epic hero summon token now, I expect a 3 star hero and are never disappointed. I’m happy with the result, 3 stars are nice feeders. And in case I draw a 4 star or (hasn’t happened in months) a 5 star, I’m excited with my extraordinary luck.

Expect normal results and assume poor luck. It’s the road to longlasting happiness for this game.

The RNG craziness is alive and well. Just did a Epic hero 10 pull. Did not have much luck with the event, no HOTM and 1 Guardian Falcon with a lot of 3* feeders. Oh well, levels my team faster. So today, I get nine 4* and one 5* on one pull. Can’t even fathom the odds and don’t want to do the math. So, Isarnia welcome to my team and hang out with your many new friends. I know it won’t happen again, but I won’t be disappointed, I know it is improbable but you can get good things by random chance.

But that’s not how our human minds work, is it? It has taken me a couple of dozen tokens to let it sink in: the expected result is a 3 star hero. So everytime I spend an epic hero summon token now, I expect a 3 star hero and are never disappointed.

Exactly! One should be grateful for what they receive and not complain. Complaining does you no good and doesn’t solve any problems. If someone has trouble accepting that the hoped-for result of purchases is not fulfilled, read the message about Gacha written by @Almeida. I am happy @Bertus started on this.

Link: What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

Maybe we should even take a step back. You have to be glad that you are able to play this game, be happy that you have money to spend on this game and therefore create more opportunities to achieve your in-game goals. It is very cliché, but the truth is that not everyone is able to do this. As much as they want and / or work for it.

In contrast to all the wailing I would like to see a topic where players show their number of HOTM / 4 * / 5 * heroes. It would also be interesting to read how much these players have spent. Whether or not described in words for their own privacy. I think that there are a lot of players who have a very nice heroes / HOTM grid with a low to middle spending pattern, which could actually bring some joy (or jealousy #changeyourhumanmind) into the forum.

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I’ve summoned quite lot of HotMs so far, so I can safely say it happens aprox. every 30th pull for me. Actually, my HotMs drop rate is somewhat better than of regular 5*s.


I’ve heard others who have been at it quite a while say that 60 is more of an average number of pulls to get a HotM, but I do believe that you tend toward 30. With a low odds occurrence, there always will be people whose results vary significantly from average.

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40 pulls gave me Delilah, 30 pulls Alasie, 30 pulls GM, 50 pulls 2 Gregorions (and Yunan), so that makes (40+30+30+50)/5=150/5=30 :slight_smile: But I totally suck in 4* mats drop rates, I haven’t seen one in a long, long time, like not a single one for 3-4 months or so, I mean from loot, I got some from quests/events, but apart from that it’s big fat zero.

I have been quite lucky with getting HotM. I have 5, but no regular 5* from pulls. I don’t have a record of number of pulls but somewhere around 80 pulls.

So far in 7 months of game I was lucky to have 4 HOTM, two of them repeated, when I called x10 none came out, I mean that these HOM have been with only 300 gems or free coins, so for more than One month I do not spend money, it is frustrating to spend so much money when luck can come to you in just one currency.

In 10 months I got 8 hotms, one is double. I did not try for any of those. They came out when I pulled during events, or as in 3 cases, out of an epic token. The one I did want and tried never came, despite many summons

OK… Tried the Epic & Elemental summons x 10 seven times, … No luck with Drake Fong; Aug. HoTM … :frowning:


This is what I got (all of them I already have):

Overall 7 x 10:
5*= 1 (1.4%)
4*= 16 (23%)
3*= 53 (76%)

Edit: Breaking the summons by summon gate.
Edit: The breaking was removed. Flagged on a different post.

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