HOTM: Do they need to be OP to be excited about?

So as the Telluria melodrama continues to unfold, and now Clarissa being “nerfed” it begs the question: Does a HOTM have to be borderline (or just straight up) OP in order for you to be excited about them?
I just see alot of people bashing HOTM for “not being strong enough” or conversely they complain that its “too OP”. It seems that the “sweet spot” is extremely narrow.
Personally, a hotm does NOT need to be OP for me to get excited about them. I was stoked about Malosi’s skill set despite the fact that he was not generally considered OP.
Sure, hotm should be a cut above regular s1 heroes, even better than some s2, s3, or event heroes, but expecting each one to be a world beater is obnoxious. Keep the HOTM lineage strong, with an occasional dud, but constrain that urge to make another Telluria or GM.
I just want to understand some of the outrage about HOTM’s that I read on here.
Any and all insights are appreciated.


Isn’t as you said, all the insight you need, on those various threads? Another one just kind of adds to the “melodrama”

I got excited when I pulled Grimble.

Mostly just excited for my great luck. Not sure I’ll ever actually use him.

But… still cool that I got him! If nothing else, he’s a nice decorative addition to my roster museum. :smiley:


The complaints on Clarissa at the moment are that this HOTM is weaker than Gravemaker, a two year old HOTM. When the special skill is literally a copy of a two year old hero you’d expect it to be a little better, not a little worse. It’s hard to getting excited about that. Saying that, she isn’t yet released so who knows what her final form will be.


I think probably 99% of my roster is weaker than Gravemaker. :laughing:

I’ll gladly take Clarissa as a consolation prize.


That seems to be the path the game is on. Spend to have the best few HOTM and get them early. If you don’t, you’re way behind a power curve. You might get lucky and pick it up later. Heck, a lot of money will be spent trying.

So yeah, they need to be OP or why bother? I personally think the game has crossed that threshold.

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Besides Telly I dont think any recent hotm have crossed that threshold. Recent hotm have been Neith, Grimble, Vela, JF, Malosi and soon Clarissa who’s essentially a copy of a hero that’s been around for 2 years.

Actually a few of those heroes I mentioned have their own threads claiming they need to be buffed.


I havent found but maybe a couple posts about the larger theme that I asked above.
Generally, its complaint or praise, fairly concise and to the point. There’s certainly connotations made regarding the question I put forth, but not many overtly breach the topic.
I get the “feeling” that many people want the HOTM to be OP for them to be excited about it, but I havent seen any direct insights on the matter, outside of a few, lengthier, well thought out posts.
Trying to gauge the arc we are on, and the consumers expectation can weigh into that.

Finding good, various uses for a newly acquired HOTM is one of my favorite exercises.
For instance, when Vela was released I was stoked for the crit bonus elemental link for my titan team. Saw her as having a few other uses as well, not overwhelming but definitely usable. I was excited when she went live and when I pulled her.


Me gusta la idea de los heroes parece que son debiles pero siempre tienen muchos puntos a favor no pueden ser invencibles acabaria con lo bueno del juego una sugerencia sana gracias

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FWIW, I find Vela to be a formidable opponent.

Granted, I don’t have a fantastic roster, most of my raid opponents are upper platinum and occasionally very low end diamond. But I’ve successfully killed more Tellurias than I have Velas.

Now, if my opponent has both? LOL yup, that’s pretty much a guaranteed loss for me.

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It is all about perspective. If you are trying to compete at the top or have a full roster, of course you would only be excited by a strong/OP hotm. Otherwise they just collect dust on your bench. But if you are not trying to compete or don’t have all the heroes then stats don’t matter as much. I fall solidly in the second group and I am always excited for every new hero, hotm or not, that I get.

The traits that tend to get me more excited are the unique specials. Looking at you alfricka. Something different, new, and interesting is always exciting. As long as they have average stats and aren’t totally useless. They will more than likely end up being used.


To be very honest, I can’t remember when SG last released a HOTM that people didn’t shout about an instant buff or nerf. And that goes back to my Onatel days.
It seems to be the way that this forum is now used.
But lately it’s all got very heated and toxic in the HOTM threads. I understand that people are passionate about the game … but everyone’s contribution to a discussion is just as important (even if it’s only to them) as the next players.
However, when you read the Telluria thread there are a number of players on both sides of the coin that shout that they know best. No one seems to want to listen to others point of view. It’s all got very silly, it’s not constructive and some threads become a joke.
But I would have to say that every HOTM needs to be special - otherwise why bother.


Thanks everyone for the input.
Great posts.

Another example, how Telly spoiled everything.
If there wasnt sucha single OP hero, no other HoTM would make sucha fuss.
No - not every HoTM have to be best in the spot, till Telly it was like that, we all used live with that.
When it comes to Clarissa, first design was unique and OP aswell i admit that, than it went to GM clone (one of the best HoTM out there, untill Telly made it to another universe) and ended up like weaker version of two year old HoTM. Imo that aint making much of a sense, but i can live with that, it will be still solid hero.
Now compare whole Clarissa case, with Telly - thats like day and night, Telly went real where Clarissa started before nerfing took the place.
Thats kinda shoking, well sh*t just happen sometimes i guess, right?

Short answer, no. HotM are supposed to be useful and new, but not game breaking. Hel, Alby and Ares were the first trio that everyone went crazy for and because of them and the following set (Zeline, Natayla, Alasie, Delilah and Thoth-Amun) people grew to expect these heroes to be more and more powerful. Our expectations have created monsters and those same expectations will destroy this game.

I would like to see HOTM like Evelyn or Ranvir/Miki and JF/Vela or Malosi. They have a certain privilege being HOTM, you have a very limited chance to get them, so they need to be unique and strong with potential to create new synergies to make you appreciate them when you get a bonus draw. I would like them to be no powerhouses like Telluria, neither have such combinations like GM/Telluria/Vela. They have a place in the game but somewhere in the S2/S3/challenge portals where you can get them, but with a slightly smaller chance.

Of course different players have different ideas and expectations. I am a small spender so I don’t want to be handicapped by not getting a hero I a month, or not getting 3 heroes in a month. The big spenders getting multiples of each new hero will have a different opinion.

My ideal HOTM would be powerful, with an unique ability nowhere else seen, or combined in a way no other hero has it. Also they should be weighted towards offence rather than defence. Having offensive heroes as HOTM has a better effect on the meta and balance than giving out good tanks who can’t be defeated without having the AAA offense heroes.

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I’m wondering why they have to be 5*? We could use a 4* HOTM or two to smooth out the creep. Heck, increased odds of pulling? Sounds awesome.


I would love for the HoTM to be more diverse when it comes to the level of the hero released. It would make sense for them to rotate them 3*, 4*, 5*… But would that make them money? Probably not as much.

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I doubt anyone would be summoning for any 4* hero, its pretty simple i belive.

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