Hotm Devana difficult to find

Again, single pull at my sons account just minutes ago. His first event hero and he got Devana as well.


I think This RNG was programmed based on the time, means that in any particular time (second) those who try to pull will get same hero for all. Yesterday I used challenge coins I got Merilin.

False. Plus twenty falsehoods

Do you got Devana or you expected devana and failed

Got her on my first pull of the month - which is a first for me.
Some HOTMs never come. Some I have 6 duplicates of.
RNG be RNG, weighted by how many pulls you do.

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How RNG will program do you have any Idea. if so could please explain me about SGG RNG

Yes. There is a 1.3% chance of getting a HOTM every pull you make

Oddly Devana’s been escaping me as well, despite having no problem landing several copies of past HOTMs. Just may not be my month. I tried hard to land LotL and ended up with two King Arthurs…sigh.

How this figure you are arrived, how this was programmed

A robot rolls a d1000 die and each time it comes up 1 to 13 you win

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RNG can not be programed because it is random.

However it is also not entirely random because it uses memory cells to generate numbers.

The higher the number the higher the chance so even if there is no guarantee there can be a tendency seen in the numbers.

Therefore you could at least try to test the RNG with silver coins from the daily summon porta few times and if you get higher rarity heroes or troops in a row it would be favorable time to do 10 pull or more for something else.

For example get 3 pulls of 2 or 3 star troops in a row from the daily summon portal, then it is definitely favorable time to make 10 pull for something if that is your plan.

If you get straight 1 star heroes or 1 star in the mix better do not pull and test it again later.

This should lead to not overspending too much.

Again sometimes no matter what you will not get the desired hero.

Using this strategy I was able to get most of the HOTM so far this year.

Then again for Devana I had to use about 40 pulls from epic coins, season 4 coins and costume keys before I got her.


It’s possible to pull her. I got her the first time doing the costume chamber. For 3 of my HOTM I was able to pull from that event… So far I have pulled Devana 4 times. I feel like 10-30 pulls work best.

In the meantime I got 8 already. Freaking devanas steal away all my other 5*s

Holy Molly, I thought my 40ish pull count was high to get her but 300 is crazy! You should of waited till Christmas and tried for krampus or went all in at ninja summons and went for cobalt or garnet. Devana is okay but not top notch, far from these other three!!

Don’t feel bad…I have done a good number of pulls this month and no Devana…not gonna cry about it since the RNGeezus blessed me with Morel and Elizabeth this month :slight_smile:

Holy is just the hero type that I don’t find as enjoyable at the 5* level, with the hero selection I have to work with out of the five. My team against Dark seems to hold up good enough in Raids: Heimdall-Ranvir-Sif-Gulli-Joon

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I haven’t been able to pull a single HOTM this year so far ,That is how dry mine has been. In my alliance almost everyone has at least 2 Devana and some pulled 3 in a single 10 pull too.
The last HOTM was Zulag whom I have never bothered to even look at. I also had the luck of pulling some of the not so good HOTM like Noor and Neith.
In short I really wanted Devana but I am not going to throw money on Zynga to get her.

I really wanted Devana, and finally got her on a free Atlantis pull… But it is totally random. I got 4 (!) Tellurias back when I wasn’t spending more than VIP. Imagine how I felt when she was nerfed. (Which I admit was really necessary at that point in time.) I made up for it by not getting Vela or Clarissa. (Or Noor or little goblin guy whose name escapes me at the moment, but those were somewhat less desirable.)

Same : a Hotm that is a little out of the ordinary and impossible to have … Weird …
I also got Elisabeth (@Murtis88) , a very good compensation :smiley:


I only do free pulls from coins or keys. I collect my EHT and use them in the saisonal events.
Last year the only HotM I got till Christmas was Noor! Christmas I used all EHTs to get Mother Nord, I skipped Halloween event to improve my chances. Got Santa, Richard and Reuben instead. In January I did not pull because I dont liked Bertilla but read about Uraeus saved all Tokens for February. Completed S3 in normal and hard mode and had some coins to summon. Got him and Gefjon by the 26 th try. After this I got every Hotm including Devana with free pulls. Yesterday I did four costume chamber summons with keys and got only crap. Out of frustation I did two more with gems and got Banes costume and Devana. Lucky me I am chasing Bane for months to improve my 3* tournament team.

I know this is an incredible streak of luck for a f2p but I wont complain and hope this series will go further, the next HotM is looking interessting…:))

Good summoning luck to you all

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I don’t want devana because I am having Akkorog. When I am in shortage of holy heroes I am wait for almost 10 months suddenly Joon is came and then Leonidas then Akkorog and Devana all are came with in 7 days. Now I am in confusion which hero to be ascended first

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