Hotm Devana difficult to find

I havent got a single HOTM since March, this new generation seems to hate me for some reason.


I did 30 to 40 pulls a month for the past month and got exactly 3 HOTMs (I stop for that month once I get the HOTM).

30-40 pulls is simply not enough to get the HOTM every month.

But this is the next level… :roll_eyes:

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Yup, even with 80 pulls a month (which should give on the long avarage about 1 HotM), the odds of not getting one in a specific month is still about 1 in 3…

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I haven’t gotten any HoTM since January and still did quite some pulls each month. Then at the end of June I pulled Elradir during Atlantis and on the first day of July I pulled Devana at my 2nd pull at costume chamber. Then last week during Valhalla Forever I got her again. Just pure luck but not pulling anymore this month.

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I had your kind of experience with Malicna, she never came !
Devana has dropped in faster… twice !!

Its just the RNG at play!

Good luck, in case you do more summons to get her !

Please understand this:

This, you are on the opposite side of luck. You need to summon more. If you still didn’t get her, you need to summon more. If you still didn’t get her, you need to summon more. Rinse. Repeat. Until you get her. Caveat though. There is no guarantee you’ll even get her. That’s the nature of the game.


Not hate they loves some players, in my second account Glenda was came twice in two pulls

No question of luck, definitely he will get better HOTM than Devana in coming days, one year back I am also having the same opinion. but now I am getting all good HOTM’s

How do you know? You have a crystal ball with you?

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Jeez, saving/coining 300 summons to chase Devana. And people wonder why SG continue to freely extort its player-base


Oh that sucks. This batch of hotms has probably the best elemental link of them all

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In the meantime I got 4 of them and it’s not even halfway into the month

Yeah, odds aren’t statistics. I did a single gem pull and got skittles and Devana. I’ll take it lol :laughing:

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Not Crystal ball time ball,

I haven’t counted but I haven’t gotten her yet but one of my alt accounts did on day one.

The last several HOTM I’ve pulled right away the last time I went down to the wire was Bertilla but I’ve gotten every HOTM since I joined with Telly.

9 months ago I started a method of not pulling once I got HOTM but still getting offers I would anyway and just saving up those pulls for a dry month. It’s worked well.

And the RNG is real. I’ve rarely gotten event 5* but this time I got Guin and Morgan just with two single coin pulls I earned from the event and the chest enemies.

Again, single pull at my sons account just minutes ago. His first event hero and he got Devana as well.


I think This RNG was programmed based on the time, means that in any particular time (second) those who try to pull will get same hero for all. Yesterday I used challenge coins I got Merilin.

False. Plus twenty falsehoods

Do you got Devana or you expected devana and failed

Got her on my first pull of the month - which is a first for me.
Some HOTMs never come. Some I have 6 duplicates of.
RNG be RNG, weighted by how many pulls you do.

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