HOTM chance in Epic Troop Summon

All the players need to upgrade their troops and to get an epic troop, we need to buy the troop summon.
So it would be fair that also in this summon we had a chance for a free extra summon of the HOTM.
I believe that this extra chance would encourage players to invest more in 10x summon troop or in troop summon in general.

I think that when my brother began playing he invested only in troops and that’s how he got a lot of hotm. I don’t know when this changed, but I definteley agree with you, I want to do troops pulling but hey, I need new heroes too and don’t have that much money to spare.

…:shushing_face: Perhaps there should be Troop of the Month TotM, with specials akin to HotM…i e

  • % chance for diamond combo per element on tiles

  • boost higher %tage on mana gen, critical, healing, def, Attack, HP etc than the regular epic troops

Have unique specials

  • can alter tile colors and aid matching

  • Enable gaining of certain % mana when tiles of opposing strong /weak colors are matched etc

Limited editions per month per element.


The gem cost is lower, if they give HOTM chance the gem cost will definitely increase…

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