HOTM, better chance from legendary summon?

With the summer event going on, my last ditch efforts to get gravemaker have been through the epic hero summons. I was wondering if there is a better chance to get HOTM from the legendary summons.


What legendary summons are you referring to? Do you mean Elemental Summons? If so, then yes, there is supposed to be slightly better odds of Epics/Legendaries there than the standard Wpic suoomons.

Yes, elemental summons. I know it’s a slightly higher chance at legendary, but I was wondering if that covers HOTM as well.

I don’t think it makes any difference for HoTM.

AFAIK, the odds are the same for either Elemental, Event or Epic Summon.


Idk if they are joking or not or what but a lot of the most powerful players seem to suggest tokens give better HoTM chances?

Joking only. Using a token is the same as using gems.

I think I got both of my gravemakers from epic hero tokens. I have token the majority of my HOTMs for the past three months with Epic hero tokens.

Have you done the majority of your pulls with tokens or gems?


I generally due the 10x pulls with gems but when Aeron came out I did a bunch of 10x pulls and got nothing and then got it him with an epic hero token. The next month bought 10x pulls trying to get Alasie and ended up with nothing until I used an epic hero token and then got her. Subsequently I ended up getting 5 more Alasies with the majority of them from epic hero tokens. I did get two HOTMs at once with a 10x pull. As I stated for this month, I got both of my gravemakers from epic hero tokens. I would like to point out that I had a lot of tokens this month that I used before I got him.

Man I feel like a waste so much money trying to get these epic and legendary new Heroes but I never ever get them what the heck can you throw me a bone once in awhile!?


I bought today’s special. 2 hero tokens, crap. 10x event summon, crap. However, I finally got Gravemaker as a bonus pull on the 10x. :slight_smile: .

I’m loosing the will to live with this game, I don’t get gloves that are needed for assending, and I get more 3 stars than anyone needs,and have only ever had 1 HOTM, other players in my alliance have received 2 or 3 of each months hero how is this fair.

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We all should fire our village’s architect to not have building plants of clothes stores :stuck_out_tongue:

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