Hot take - you can’t become F2P

First of all - I fully recognize that this is an entirely technical argument - but curious what others think.

My take - you can’t become F2P - you either are or aren’t.

In other words - if you’ve spent on the game, and then stop paying, that’s still not F2P.

Agree? Disagree?

If agree - is there another acronym that’s better than - IU2PBNIDP2P (I used to pay but now I don’t pay 2 play)? :slight_smile:


Bigger question is do we need another acronym?

I mean at the end of the day who really gives a :poop: if someone spends or not

It’s kinda funny about all these “pay or dont pay” acronyms

Been experimenting with other mobile games, including match 3 rpgs

So far this is the only one where i see players constantly bragging or complaining about how much or little they spend(ok actually i do it see some in other games but so far it’s been players from E&P in those other games every single time)


I mean, you’re really just arguing semantics. If you decide to stop spending money from here on out, I’d call it F2P. If you’ve never spent any money I’d call that F2P too. If you spend money occasionally, or often - you’re not F2P.


Technically you are correct.
If you are not a virgin anymore, you can’t return virgin after some time.

But i think people decide for themselfs which category they feel as their own.

The border of C2P-P2W for example is not really clear and will never be, just because we have different life costs and definitions of what is “pricy”.

Same story for F2P.
I feel that F2P category still include ocasionally spenders.

I mean all that people that spend only in very special occasions, and all the rest of the time play for free.


I think the only time it’s useful to know what you spend is when you’re asking about ascencion decisions (because a spender has a far better chance at actually summoning additional heroes compared to a ftp) and for that the only useful information is what your current spending habits are and not what they used to be.

I’ve decided to stop spending so when asked I’ll say I’m currently ftp.


The player formerly known as PTP? :nerd_face:


Fully agree that it doesn’t matter. And interesting to hear that in other similar games that there’s not as much discussion about it - cause it seems to be pretty thoroughly discussed in various threads on here!

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Even if we agree on it, does it really matter? I for one stopped spending (literally, even cheap deals) apart from VIP.

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If u haven’t spend any money from day 1 till now, u called VFTP (virgin ftp).

If u spend some money before and decided to stop it, u can be called FTP or going to FTP

I’m still virgin tho :slight_smile:


You can’t become F2P if you have already spent some $$ in the game. OP has clearly stated it and i totally agree:

Not that it matters much but comparing big spender (or any kind of spender) that has decided to stop spending to a real F2P that has achieved everything with hard work and struggles all the way, waiting for months, probably year for some good hero(es) to pop up is just…nothing in common. Not comparable.

I mean how can you compared player with mostly TC heroes to a player with all/most shiny heroes? It doesn’t matter what made the spender stop doing it. He already did it and he took advantage of his money spent. Simple as that. My 2 cents…

What if you don’t spend your own money but your alliance give you a game voucher as a gift to be used on your account and you use it?

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Well I haven’t spent any money since last September… that was what, 9 months ago? But I did spend some money before that. So I will accept your basic premise, I am not F2P.

But over that time period, I averaged less than $10 USD spending per month.

So… new question. If I’m not F2P, but I spent less than $10 a month, does that make me VC2P? I certainly wouldn’t call myself P2W by any stretch of the imagination. So how much money are we talking here to differentiate the entirely subjective differences between C2P, VC2P, and P2W?

Because I look at anything over $100 a month to be P2W, but there are several who spend that much and argue that they are C2P compared to others. Who decides?


I like this one :+1:

Unless you are like this lady :wink:



My sister used to call herself a vegetarian…

“except for chicken.”

Yeahhhhh not exactly a vegetarian?


Y’all very serious with your opinions so my opinion is very timely.

With game vouchers given by alliance mates, the category should then be VGTP… Voucher gift to play.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, technically, it still never spent money.

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If you never spent money on the game, you’re definitely F2P.

Even though technically SG still gets paid a little bit every time you watch a Mystic Vision.

But as for myself? I’ll go ahead and reclassify myself as VC2P. Because even if I play this game for another 100 years and never spend another dime - technically speaking, I will still have paid more than $0 per month to play.


Technically I’d say that comparison doesn’t work even though it’s funny. Here’s another one: Someone who was first abstinent, then started to drink alcohol as a young adult and then stopped and became abstinent again… He can say “I live abstinent”. He cannot say “I’ve been abstinent all life long”. Same with ftp, I’d say… But in the end it doesn’t really matter…

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Of course you can’t become f2p. You spent one dime, that ship has sailed, wrecked and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. But f2p is not for everyone. If everyone with a smartphone and internet access most likely has the financial resources to buy some gems each month, not everybody has what it takes to play as f2p. I’ve played as f2p, every single day for two years now and not only once I’ve felt the itch to take the easy way and open my wallet. But at the end of each day, I feel that the game is just the same if you spend thousands every day or nothing at all. It all comes down to the board you get…



“Hi, I’m TGW. And I’m a previous spender”

“Hi TGW!”

"So it’s been 270 days since I last made a purchase on this game.

At first I was tempted a little. One $2.99 gem purchase here and there… no big deal, right? Hey, I might actually get lucky enough to pull a 5* hero! Probably not, but you know how it is. ‘Chasing the dragon.’ You know you’ll never catch it, but you tell yourself that maybe you can if you just spend a little bit more.

Luckily I called my F2P sponsor, and he talked me out of it. I mean, who am I kidding… 1.5% odds? When have I ever been that lucky in my life? Never! Why should I expect that to suddenly change now?

Anyway. A couple mornings ago, I woke up, and for the first time in I don’t know how long… I had zero urge to spend. None at all. Didn’t even bother scrolling through the list of available Atlantis heroes, because I knew I probably wasn’t going to get them. And that was when a strange calm descended over me. I realized that… I don’t care. I literally… don’t care anymore.

It’s liberating. Now I can live my life again. Free of all the stresses of worrying about whether or not I’m able to pull anything good, followed by worrying about how badly I might have wrecked my finances in the process.

Today…? Today, I am free. And it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you, and my friends in the FTP Rebellion.

Thank you for letting me share."


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