Hot Offers

Why do we only have limited time to purchase these offers?

Again it would be beneficial to Everyone… if they lasted more than 24 hours… Or could we extend the offer and make it available through the shop for more time?
Just a thought

They’re around for a limited time to compel people to buy them, since you don’t have much time to think over the decision. It’s a marketing tactic, not a gameplay one.


Absolutely, it’s a pressure-sales technique, like black Friday


sad but true

I am not a moderator

I do NOT want these offers to be there for longer. Not only are they distracting/in the way at my base, they’re also annoyingly tempting. It’s hard enough waiting for the 24 hours to be up before I don’t have to live with them anymore. What I’d love to see is a “no thanks” button that makes them go away, but because of marketing strategies mentioned above, that’s not going to happen.


Very true YooHoo… An Opt In / out of offers would sort it…