HOT Offer...unreal- May 9750g too much!

From where on Earth will ever get 9750 gems for this offer…!!!
It is a stupid offer and untoucheable…sorry for my english, but be a little more realistic…please.
Thank you


Lol… you saw previous offer ? And some “people” bought that :smile: And now devs spit to those “people” by offering justice one. Fins like always, in there random mind way.



Yes it is far better than the first. As they explained they are still playing around with this. This is just the second one. So any constructive feedback I am sure they will take into consideration for the next.

I personally would like to see a 3rd offer sitting in the middle of the 2. I think it would be more appealing to mid level players like myself.


Nope not buying it. They went into my inventory and tried to sell me everything that I’m short on to ascend heroes that have been waiting forever. They can bite me twice. Not spending 100 bucks for items that are supposed to be free!


Pity to first offer buyers. Someone bought first for only single time or for a long time maybe. What a great attitude show.


I agree. The first one was over the top.

This one is justifiable but still not for me.

A middle tier offer I think would help out. Going from an offer of 250 gems to and offer of 9750 gems is a bit steep. It is a go big or go home kind of offer.

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The month of may is like “Hold my beer !”


Wow, did they really more than double the value of the 10k offer? People who bought the first one must be ticked off.

This one is much more in line with the Gem cost than the previous. Seems steep in gem cost, but the value is there.

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I will give them that much though, they did up the quantities on this iron man deal. It might just come down to how bad do you still need those darts and the tokens, I guess you can use for the event ? It might still be a good deal for the few… Still a little steep for the ROI though, for me at least…

I bought first offer. yes, I am ticked off at this second one. I thought the first was expensive but took it anyway. I see this one the same but with a slap in the face for buying the first.

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Lol, so I am not the only one… hahah

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nope @Zizzzzy. I’ve spent too much on this game… my CC statement reminded me of that. lol


You can’t use tokens for event. Only happened at Easter event

I don’t think this offer-strategy will work. To high costs and an undifferentiared set of items.
Create smaller, cheaper and more specific offers - Let the Player decide what to buy.

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You’re absolutely right, I forgot about that… Not happening for Pirates… That would’ve been really good though, and I think I might’ve just bought it then… :laughing:

Received this from first offer, not that bad.

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Good for you but you’re misleading other players and pushing them to spend their gems. Guys there is an event coming. HOLD… HOLD… HOLD :slight_smile:

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No…not bad… so lucky! :zipper_mouth_face:

I never wanted misleading other players, I always say I spent lot of money for nothing, this is my first 5* hero non HOTM (I have Delilah and Aeron) after many 10 x pull that gave me nothing. Now I dont spend money anymore and voilá 5* hero.

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They tryin to reel you back in haha

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