Hot flash offers

So for everyone that said the game is coming to an end when cool hot offers come out, whats your thought now? I see cheap offers. Even a free one with a pay input for atlantis coins.

What do you doomsday people think? @Rigs, more importantly, your thoughts?

Are you talking about the anniversary gift and offer?

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I dont mind. Im asking the flag callers or doomsday preppers. Not so much depicting on the offers itself. (:

Well the first offer of gems and Atlantis coins has been offered every month since Atlantis started.

And there was an Anniversary gift last year too.

So neither of these are a change in the status quo.

I don’t think any doomsday prepping is in order. :wink:


Nor am i calling dooms day. But i think from the negative things posted, they may throw a red flag on it.

I have no quarrels on the offers, and I appreciate what I got from the free summons. Want this here to intercept the ‘return for loyalty’ nd self entitlement really. Haha

He was my atlantis token pull an hour ago. 0 complaints. Except over 450 feeders. Lol.

This was my free pull. Again. 0 complaints.


Sorry. Wilbur was my atlantis pull. Gad was my free.! Wish everyone luck!!


It’s a pretty good deal. I don’t think I’m one that complains too much about their offers though

Not sure how you can have an issue with flash offers. They come fairly regularly(but not too often) around holidays and events. I never tracked them, but I would guess 1 every 2-3 weeks

Seems to me that you’re complaining about the complainers. That doesn’t seem like a surefire way to inject positivity.

But what do I know?

Not sayin that buddy.
Nor complaining about the complainers. Noting people had thought when the freuency of cheap good offers come up, they would be thinking the the end is near.
Plus i was curious as to what thoughts/what everyone got from the free token.

I think it’s a good offer, i also think the title of petri’s thread about the birthday raffle is icing on the cake.

And it’s atlantis summons + troop tokens, so kills 2 birds in 1 stone + the titan flask in the 2nd offer.

Is it a fallover faint dumbfounded at how good it is kinda offer? Eh no not really I’m sure we’ve seen some that were more favorable, but doesnt make it a bad offer.

I’m glad SG continues to reward their customers on occasions like these and i hope it continues.

Now if we can just improve that communication issue, I’ll be happy. For awhile anyways lol

Already forgot what i got from the troop tokens since any troop i get is food now. I will say i pulled 2 ameonnas for free today, so I’m stoked about that. I’ve wanted her for awhile now

This is the response type i was seeking. Lol.
Im diggin the free stuff

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