☀ Horus – Season 5 Hero – 5* Holy / Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Zhuge Lang will probably have a pretty neat mechanical combo with costume Sif!

Costume Sif gives instant mana and will make Zhuge Lang full like any other average speed hero at 9 tiles.

Sif counter attack and Zhuge counter attack probably work together since they are different (double counters) + Sif adds dmg reduction which is calculated after counter attacks, making Zhuges minions live longer :wink:

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What do we think about his buff?

  • Direct damage: 205% → 250%
  • Max health reduction per turn: 110 → 150

Is the health reduction still rather pointless or will it now go below his health after the damage so actually do extra damage (now being 450 instead of 330 total health reduction)?


I felt he was balanced before, especially factoring in his passive and family bonus (which needs no additional hero to activate).

With this “buff” he basically slaps a bunch of heroes in the face. Would I rather have Horus hitting at 250% to 3 with 150 points of DoT per turn @ VERYFAST, or El Naddaha at 305% to 3 with conditional extra damage @ FAST?

For me the answer is Horus. He doesn’t necessarily invalidate other heroes, but it is hard to look at Dr. Moreau or a great many other “target and nearby” heroes and not shake my head in pity.

That said…I will chase Horus a little bit harder now :stuck_out_tongue:


Direct damage is enough and in right direction.
Health reduction doesn’t make me to open any champagne :wink:

Happy gaming

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I think the health reduction should be at least 200 per turn then it may start to effect the health as well as the damage.


Vfast at 250%…

All fast heroes should be at least 280% or more!

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The OP is now adjsuted according to the June balance updates.


@Yomagn-tho Yes his damage is definitely very nice, especially when compared to El Naddaha. But I think his problem (which hasn’t really changed much) is the fact that it’s not 150 points of DoT per turn, but rather 150 max health reduction per turn. What I didn’t know until recently, was that after dealing damage to enemies the max health reduction doesn’t usually fall beneath his current HP so it doesn’t actually do any “extra” damage. Just brings their total HP lower :smiling_face_with_tear: Unlike heroes who don’t do direct damage and only do max health reduction, this effect is synonymous with damage.


Don’t know if I understand you correctly about max health reduction of Horus.

If a hero has e.g. 1650 in health.
Horus fire (if we forget the 250% damage that reduce the health), then
1st turn the hero has 1500 max health
2 turn 1350
3 turn 1200 max health
4 turn the max health is at 1200

And in what way this is not good?

Happy gaming

@A-Sweden someone above explained it rather well. You can’t forget the damage; since it goes first it is what makes the max health reduction somewhat redundant. You can see in the example that even with the max health reduction, the current HP of the enemy would not be affected since it was merely ‘closing the gap’.

Not saying max health reduction is totally useless, but if an enemy doesn’t heal themselves to their new max health then it doesn’t make a difference (which I find to be the case most of the time).


Aha… I see.
Then it is pointless as far as there is no healer in enemy’s team?

Happy gaming

After 250% dmg , If enemies still have white blood , the health reduction would count as DoT . Pretty interesting. You can try to pair Horus with C Rumpel. if you are lucky enough to draw the skull for 550 immediately ,that would be significantly problem for opponents

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I don’t think DOT means what you think it means…(or you don’t know what “max health reduction” means)

Apparently more than one person doesn’t understand max health reduction and actually think it’s useful.

Horus doing the max health reduction is like him saying to the enemy “ok, the max health reduction isn’t going to hurt you now, you actually won’t even know it’s there… but if you thought you were going to heal up to 1600hp you’re a sucker - hope you like 1200 hp instead”

Then Horus gets his face smashed in by the enemy’s special skill cause the enemy having 1200 hp instead of 1600 hp made no difference.

Having said that, Horus’ buff to direct damage is a redeeming quality that helps to balance against his amazingly awful secondary skill. So I guess he’s less useless now.

Said it before, I will say it again: Pair him with Aouda (or even better with Aouda and Fluffy) :slight_smile: The results are amazing, when the enemy has to bring overhealers, but will get punished for that by Aouda.

My Horus will stay 3/70…now he hit a little bit moore of Gravemaker (2019)…Russulla hit the single 280…i save my mats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m really wondering what kind of damage would make me go ahead and give him darts…

would 300% direct damage be too much to ask ?

What do you all think ? What’s the desirable yet not OP damage % for Horus ?

I feel like at 250% he’s not quite there yet…maybe if some of you that have him maxed, could show screenshots of the new damage output ? with and without passive activation…thanks !

Thanks for the break down @kmwlew ! I understand now. I still think I would rather use Horus over El Naddaha still…even if the health reduction is somewhat useless. Very Fast at 250% with his passive, I think he would pair well with Motega when attacking!

Not to say El Naddaha is bad though.

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Motega, G. Jackal, Malosi, Thor & now Horus cud be a nice V.F. team to field. Can’t think of another VF holy off the top of my head right now but that cud be a decent team. 6 tiles & off u pop !!!

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I use 3 of them, Horus. jackal and malosi with White rabbit and Kara for mono attack and this is the most fun i have had playing this game in a very long time.

Wish i could post videos but i don’t know how

I don’t have Malosi so I throw Wolfgang in there with Devana instead of Horus but now I’ll level Horus & then pull Malosi !! Simples !!! Motega is super awesome in everything but especially tourneys & events. That blind fiend is no joke !!! I originally thought Horus wud be yet another bench warmer but after his buff he’s definitely getting some love !!