Horus is still weak

I think horus is still weak to be the Sun King


Consider him a prince, then

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Hey be thankful he isn’t the God of Thunder. Thor is a let down for sure


Yeah, he must have a power to win for one hit. Just make him full, attack and you win. And next 5 battles also win. That’s will be enough.

That’s all this game needs is more heroes that can kill your hero or entire team in one blow. I think he’s fine right where he’s at. He’s very fast and on a bad board he’s hitting your twice maybe even three times. add all that up.


Really? What do people want from VF heroes? One that will fire multiple times in a battle? Insta-kill target? Horus has a pretty good damage 250% @ 799 atk against 3 and reduce 150 max health for 3 turns, plus a 40% chance to hit all at 70% and give -34% atk for 3 turns. And let’s not talk about his family bonus when he gets hit by a special skill.
Compare to an older VF hero like Malosi who hits 300% @ 743 against 1 and stops status affects for 3 turns. His bonuses are resist def down, and +10% crit elemental link.

Sure you want to argue that Malosi is 2 years old, but it should give an idea what VF damage should be instead of comparing to the damage of average or slow heroes.