Horrible RNG

It is straight up offensive to spend the time and money leveling a team just to lose to a team 400+ points lower, my VIP ends soon and when it does i will be dumping this waste of time and money!!!

Are you talking about on offense, or on defense?


Nobody is immune to a bad board, not to mention the opposing heroes are likely relevant to why you lost.


I literally just said the same thing to support. I’ve spent thousands to get the best, and level them only to be beaten by a lower team power and I’m sure a bunch of 4 stars. How offensive

You may be attacked a team lower than you with 400 points and when they revenge they beat you.
If this is the case … my friend its not your fault neither they do … this category of players called Cup Droppers … for many reasons dropping cups is useful.
*Easy chests fill up.
*Easy resources.
*Less/No stressful game play.
So the 400 power less opponent maybe have a 4k+ team power but setting a small def TP to keep dropping his cups.
Not the game’s fault nor yours … just another style of playing E&P


I’ll give you a clear example about what am talking about:

This player (watch his/her TP) has attacked my defense team

Watch my TP and ofc won.
Now I revenged him

With more powerful team and ofc I won
(I win 100% of my raids recently :sunglasses: )
The point is … if she/he thought that I won the revenge with my def line up he will be very upset like you but the real power of each player not always be shown in raid defense team!

I still don’t understand purposely dropping cups. Of course I’m only just reaching platinum but I want to win.

Is this the first set of pictures for your Complete Guide To Cup Dropping For Fun and Chest Fills?

I think you’re literally going to make @Brobb’s head do that thing from The Exorcist.


On defense you will lose about 50 percent of the time (give or take 10) even with the best team. If you drop cups you can win almost 100 percent of the time on offense, vs 75 plus percent.

So there is solid logic to dropping cups. But as Brobb says, cup droppers put recycling in the trash bin.




Nice! That’s actually a more measured response than I was expecting…

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Am not making a guide … not good at those ones.
Let @Mariamne get the info and make it better.

@Brobb is @Rook alt xD hope she will be nice on this haha :joy:

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●Staying in Diamond or Platinum need time that I don’t have and brings stress that I don’t want.
●Dropping cups is good for:

  • Easy fill up chests. (So many chests per day if you will skip).
  • Easy way to collect the resources you need.
  • Fun. (Teasing people is fun) :joy:
  • Lets you test new stratgies and teams for raids and AW when a team mate ask for a test (if you have the cards ofc)

I’m saving this so I can quote you next time someone complains about the game being p2w.

I always wondered why SG thought anybody would buy raid shields, but if they’ve been getting entitled complaints like this in their support queue, it makes perfect sense…


I’m just going to leave this here. Based on the posts in this thread so far, I have a feeling some people were looking for it and couldn’t find it…



@Jedon I agree. I found this out the hard way when I started raiding. Some dude had a defense set up with all low trainers and was like about 4 levels higher than me. I was thinking does this dude know how to play?! Of course I slaughtered the trainers easily. A few days later the dude came for revenge with a mighty team :joy: He humbled my butt fast :rofl: I learned my lesson though. If they are higher than me with a MUCH lower defense team, it’s probably too good to be true and I find someone else.


Just received a tabard from diamond chest after a long long while.
I dont like to drop cups just fill up chest.
Diamond chests still do give out decent items every once in a while and of course alot of painful unwanted crap that goes with it most of the time.

Money makes the world go around my friend. Does money entitle you to a better selection and better game play? Why not.

You choose to spend money on movies, food, clothes, etc…

I choose to support this game. I don’t understand your position.

You do get a better selection (heroes) and gameplay (QoL improvements e.g. slots, skips, etc. and cosmetics). What you don’t get is a guarantee that you won’t occasionally lose to players who spend less on the game than you do.
The idea that such a thing bothers you to the extent you had to contact support is a hilarious contrast to the number of complaints on the forums about the game being p2w.

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With a good board, I regularly make it to top 100 or top 50 with a mix of 3600/3800TP teams. I don’t stay there long as I’m put back in my place of 2300-2400 cups the moment I log off or wake up.

I’m certain along the way, you’ve beaten plenty of teams at least +400TP higher than you. Why would it be impossible for it to happen to you?

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